Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Heard Museum in December, Part 3

Denis and I spent an afternoon at the Heard Museum, soaking in an exhibit, Early Days: Indigenous Art from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. We barely made it before the exhibit closed, and I would have been so disappointed if we'd missed it. There was so much to see, and I took a couple hundred photographs. (!)
This is the third and final post about this wonderful collection of art. Did I show you everything? No, I'm only hitting the highlights, but I do hope that you enjoy my little virtual tour. Let's get started!

"Eagle Spirit," 1995. Artist: Simon Dick.

Chief of the Undersea Kingdom Mask, c. 1890-1910. Attributed to Charlie George Sr.

Raven Rattle, c. 1860. Attributed to Albert Edenshaw.

Tsimshian or Nisga'a. Ceremonial Frontlet, before 1850.

Head-on view. I loved how the light caught the abalone shell on frontlet.

"Research Base Camp," 2007. Colored pencil and ink on paper. Artist: Tim Pitslulak.

We're now in another part of the museum housing the regular collections. This is: Painted Gourd, 2004. Artist: Beatrice Maldonado.

Another gallery at the Heard Museum.

Hualapai Cradleboard, c. 1984. Artist: Ramona Mahone. The Hualapai live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I wish I could've gotten a shot without the glass reflections!

Again, my apologies for the glass reflections. Some fantastic jewelry! The bolo tie in the middle is Zuni, c. 1969. The artist is Edward Beyuka.

My overall favorite piece of art in the Heard is this art fence called "Indigenous Evolution" made in 2004 made by Tony Jojola, and Islete and Rosemary Lonewolf. It always draws a crowd.

Artwork on the wall where we waited for Dial-a-Ride to pick us up. It was a gorgeous day-- perfect for basking in the sun like lizards!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. The Heard Museum is one of the places Denis and I love to take visitors. It's fantastic!


  1. Such beautiful lines and shades of color, Cathy! I could live in that museum. All I'd need would be a cot, some food delivery and a small room for a library. Seriously, though, these are breathtaking - real beauty in simple things.

    1. You might only have to furnish the cot, since there are two cafes and a bookshop at the Heard (as well as a fantastic gift shop).

  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed them, Dorothy. I love visiting there.

  3. Thanks so much for the virtual tour! The Painted Gourd is beautiful.

    1. It certainly is! It simply glowed in the light.

  4. Ir's all wonderful. So glad you and Denis were able to get there and also obtain accessible transportation. I have a few masks from Mexico and painted gourd and baskets from the SW made by Indigenous people. Thank you for posting the photos.

    1. You're welcome, Kathy. I'm glad you enjoyed them.


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