Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Keeping Watch on the Human

One of these days, Denis and I might make our way back down to Benson, Arizona on a bright June day to check out the residents of the local Ace Hardware. Now... who or what could be living at the Ace Hardware? Why some barn swallows, of course!

When Denis and I used to spend a couple of weeks each summer in Cochise County, we always made a stop at the store to say hello.
Adult Barn Swallow

This adult stayed perched on that sign and kept a close watch on me for a very good reason...

Baby Barn Swallows

The adult wanted to make sure I kept my distance from the rest of the family! (This is the main reason why I like a good zoom lens on my camera.)


  1. Those babies are cute. No wonder papa is warding off any intruders. Thanks for the photos. A friend in Houston is hoping a cardinal settles on a tree in her yard as she says seeing bird life brings her peace.

  2. I love these 'photos, Cathy! Nice to see the whole family of barn swallows. It's so great to be able to watch birds raise their families; I saw that happen once with a couple of robins.

    1. I watched a family of robins myself back in Illinois.

  3. One of my daughters has Barn Swallows that nest on her porch - well, more like near the porch ceiling - every year. She and her hubby always look forward to their return.


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