Sunday, August 13, 2023

On My Radar: Ragnar Jónasson's Reykjavík!


Ragnar Jónasson became one of my favorite writers after I read his series featuring Icelandic police officer Ari Thór Arason and his amazing trilogy with Hulda Hermannsdóttir. Although my reading experience with his standalone mysteries isn't quite as stellar, I like his writing so much that I will always pick up his latest to read. When I heard that he had a new one coming out, I did a little Happy Dance, so I'd better tell you more about it because I know some of you like his books, too.

Available September 5, 2023!


"Iceland, 1956. Fourteen-year-old Lára decides to spend the summer working for a couple on the small island of Videy, just off the coast of Reykjavík. In early August, the girl disappears without a trace. Time passes, and the mystery becomes Iceland‘s most infamous unsolved case. What happened to the young girl? Is she still alive? Did she leave the island, or did something happen to her there?

Thirty years later, as the city of Reykjavík celebrates its 200th anniversary, journalist Valur Robertsson begins his own investigation into Lára's case. But as he draws closer to discovering the secret, and with the eyes of Reykjavík upon him, it soon becomes clear that Lára's disappearance is a mystery that someone will stop at nothing to keep unsolved . . .

Reykjavík is written in collaboration with the Prime Minister of Iceland, and I look forward to reading it.


  1. Oh, this does sound appealing, Cathy! A look at the city itself and just a bit of its history as well as the plot. That could be really engaging!

  2. I've read and enjoyed some of Jonasson's books and this sounds like yet another one that I need to add to my reading list. So many books, so little time...

  3. I love the cover of this one! But the plot sounds intriguing as well.

  4. I'm so happy he has a new book coming out! Yay. :D

  5. Lark, I keep replying ":-)" to your comment, and Google keeps erasing it. I just loooooooooooove gremlins!


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