Sunday, July 09, 2023

On My Radar: Paige Shelton's Lost Hours!


It's always exciting when one of your favorite authors is successful at trying something new. It's even better when the favorite author is one of your favorite people. Paige Shelton writes traditional cozy series like the Scottish Bookshop, Farmer's Market, and Country Cooking School mysteries, but my eyes really lit up when she began writing her edgier Alaska Wild series, which has become my favorite. 

So what did I do when I learned that there would be a new Alaska Wild mystery featuring thriller writer Beth Rivers? I didn't break into a Happy Dance. With my leg wrapped up and on the injured list, I opted for going out on the driveway and doing a few figure eights on my mobility scooter. (Yes, I did get a strange look from a passing motorist.)
Let me tell you more about Beth's upcoming adventure!
Available December 5, 2023!


"A year after arriving in Benedict, Beth Rivers is feeling very at home in Alaska, even as outsiders are starting to return to enjoy the brief summer perfection. Beth feels like she’s finally let go of most of her demons. She’s even found her father, Eddy Rivers―or, rather, he found her―and she's trying to find the middle ground between anger and forgiveness.

One sunny July day, Beth boards a tourist ship to see the glaciers, the main reason visitors venture to the area, and something Beth hasn’t attempted until now. But when the captain has to navigate to an island, a bloodied woman is found standing on the shore, waving for help. When she’s brought aboard, she claims she was kidnapped from her home in Juneau three days earlier, and that a bear on the island killed her captor. She, however, is unharmed.

The woman, Sadie, finds a sympathetic ear in Beth. She tells her that she’s been in Juneau under witness protection, and that the Juneau police don’t like her. When another kidnapping occurs, Beth and police chief Gril can’t help but think the two cases are interwoven, though the clues to solving them will be harder to unravel.

I really enjoy watching Beth recuperate from what she experienced in the first books of this series, and learning about life in a rather remote corner of Alaska is fun, too. I highly recommend this series to you all, although-- if you're a newcomer to it-- I do recommend that you begin with the first book, Thin Ice, because of the character development. You have some good reading in store!

Hopefully, Denis and I will be able to get to The Poisoned Pen for Paige's author event for this book in December because I'm in dire need of a Paige Hug. (Awww...)


  1. That's such a great mental picture, Cathy, of you doing figure-eights on your driveway! I'm glad there's a new Alaska Wild mystery coming out. It's a great setting for the series!

    1. I've learned a few things about small town life in Alaska from reading this series.

  2. Love the idea of you doing figure eights! Thanks for putting this one on my radar also.

  3. Yay...I'm happy she has a new book coming out in this series. It's one I've really been enjoying, too. :D


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