Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Dip in the Road Weekly Link Round-Up


My Emergency Room visit turned into an adventure. I seem to be a magnet for such things. The ER staff immediately siphoned off a quantity of blood, hooked me up to a bag of antibiotics, and then began running their tests. Convinced that they'd be keeping me, I'd brought my hospital go-bag, my bag of knitting, and both Kindles (charging cord included). 

It turns out that they didn't want to keep me; however, they waffled about the final decision so much that there was no way for me and my mobility scooter to get home. So... I spent the night in the ER. I'd finished reading two books. The antibiotics were making me tired (but not sleepy), so I turned the TV on for some noise. I had a mini Forensics Files marathon (Denis hates the show so I very seldom ever watch it), and then I spent three hours watching a two-hour-long movie because of all the commercials the channel crammed in. I got-- maybe-- 45 minutes sleep because of all the activity and trauma calls over the PA system.

I was dressed and out of my room by 5 AM which is when Dial-a-Ride is ready for business. I needed to book my ride home ASAP. I called and was told that I'd have to call back at 6 AM. At 6 AM, I was told that Dial-a-Ride doesn't do same day bookings. How in the world was I supposed to get home? What was worse-- staying at the hospital or trying to get home on my scooter and having the battery die out on the street somewhere? The wonderful folks at the admissions desk in the ER tried their best to help, but Denis was the person who saved the day.

He managed to find a company that could pick me and my scooter up and take us home. I don't call that wonderful man Mr. Fix-It for nothing! Then the second part of my adventure began.

The driver who picked me up must have been the sibling of the ill-tempered woman manning the phones for Dial-a-Ride. He wasn't rude, but it was obvious he'd rather be doing something else. No problem. I can deal with that. Just get me home.

There's one thing about transporting people in wheelchairs, scooters, and the like: do not be an aggressive driver. Passengers do not like being tossed from side to side. This driver was aggressive. Guess what? I didn't care. I was on my way HOME!

Then he ignored the sign warning of an upcoming dip in the road. I well remember, years ago, when I forgot to slow down, hit the dip, and swore I'd left the undercarriage of my car on the road behind me. This driver was already at-- or above--the speed limit when he hit that dip, and I wasn't paying attention. I hit my head on the roof of the car. My sunglasses fell off, and I almost lost my grip on my phone. Yikes!

But guess what? I didn't care! Why? Because less than five minutes later, I was HOME!

I'm going to enjoy some reading material I found in my mailbox. Enjoy the links!

►Books & Other Interesting Tidbits◄
►Book Banning & Censorship◄


 ►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄
►Channeling My Inner Elly May Clampett◄
►The Wanderer◄
►Fascinating Folk◄
  • Lewis Hine, the photographer who forced the U.S. to confront its child labor problem.
  • Thomas Dambo, the "recycle artist", wants to build ten giant trolls across the U.S. this summer in a global art project. (I like those trolls actually.)
  • Author Cormac McCarthy has died at the age of 89.
  • How Hollywood costume designer Marjorie McCown's unusual profession inspired her murder mystery.
  • We have heard of the Caldecott Medal, but who was Randolph Caldecott?
►I ♥ Lists◄

That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

No matter how busy you may be, don't forget that quality Me Time curled up with a good book!


  1. Oh, my goodness, what an ER adventure, Cathy! Yikes! Thank goodness for Denis! I'm glad you're home safely, and I'm glad your ER 'adventure' is over. I hope you're settled in now and getting better. I'm heading to Istanbul and then London. Hopefully that will get my mind off what's going on in Texas. Well, very happy about the governor of Illinois' decision, though!

    1. Yes, and there's another state that is trying to follow suit.

  2. That was quite the adventure! I'm so sorry you got stuck in the ER overnight, but so glad you made it back home the next day. Yay for Dennis for finding you a ride. Hope you have a relaxing and wonderful weekend. :D

    1. I'm taking two medications that make a person sleepy, so yes, I AM having a relaxing weekend! LOL

  3. So nice you came home to books in the mailbox after such a harrowing day and night. Enjoy the new books and being home.
    Harvee @

  4. Wow, Cathy. For a bit, that ride home had me thinking it was going to end up being a round trip that resulted in you going back to the ER with a whole new set of injuries to deal with. Glad you got there in one piece, all things considered, and that you were released as quickly as you were.

    1. If it went by force of will alone, I would NOT have gone back to the ER! I think I was channeling Dorothy and her ruby slippers. There's no place like home. There's no place like home!

  5. I can't sit in the pool with a leaky leg. I'm hoping it dries up soon.

  6. What an adventure! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Thankfully you had the presence of mind to bring your Kindles along and get some reading accomplished. Hope your weekend has been relaxing!

    1. It has been. I hope everything is going well for you and yours. xx

  7. Chiming in late due to the pleasure of an out-of-state wedding this weekend (🙂). I'm glad that horror of an ER trip at least had the happy return home at the end. And on another note, I'm also pleased that Moms for Liberty (hah!) has been labeled for what they are - here's hoping that will help in the fight against them.

  8. There were many protests before M4L held their convention in Philly last weekend, also during it, with many groups involved. One point was revealed about them; they quoted Hitler in a newsletter. After heavy criticism, they fudged about it and made up an excuse. People really have to be aware of this group and what they are about.


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