Sunday, May 07, 2023

On My Radar: Martin Walker's A Château Under Siege!


I've been a fan of Martin Walker's Bruno Chief of Police series ever since he charmed me with the very first one. This man takes me so far into France that I read these books with a French accent. (Am I the only reader who hears an interior voice as she turns the pages? It's like having a personal version of an audiobook that reads along with you.)

Needless to say, whenever I learn of a new book in the series, it's cause for a celebration. Let's see what the next book is going to be about!

Available August 29, 2023!


"The town of Sarlat is staging a reenactment of its liberation from the British in the Hundred Years War when the play’s French hero, Brice Kerquelin, is stabbed and feared fatally wounded. Is it an unfortunate prop malfunction—or something more sinister? The stricken man happens to be number two in the French intelligence service, in line for the top job. Bruno is tasked with the safety of the victim’s daughters, Claire and Nadia, as well as their father’s old Silicon Valley buddies, ostensibly in town for a reunion. 
One friend from Taiwan, a tycoon in chip fabrication, soon goes missing, and Bruno suspects there may be a link to the French government’s efforts to build a chip industry in Europe—something powerful forces in Russia and China are determined to scuttle. Wading through a tangle of rivalries and secrets, Bruno begins to parse fact from fiction—while also becoming embroiled in some romantic complications, and, of course, finding time to put together some splendid meals."

A Château Under Siege sounds like another good investigation for Bruno, and even I-- the No Romance Please reader-- am wondering about those "romantic complications" that are mentioned. This is most definitely on my Need to Read list. Is it on yours?


  1. Happy dance! Happy dance! I really like this series, Cathy! It's one of the best I know at walking the fine line between realistic/sometimes gut level, and not gruesome/explicit/etc. And I absolutely love, of course, the setting and cultural milieu. I'm getting hungry already just thinking about this one..

    1. Ah yes-- never read Bruno on an empty stomach!

  2. News of a new Bruno mystery is always welcome. I'm marking my calendar.

    1. This is another series where the cast of characters feels like family to me.


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