Tuesday, April 18, 2023

April at the Desert Botanical Garden

Denis and I headed east to one of our all-time favorite places two weeks ago, the Desert Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, most of the people in the Phoenix metro area seemed to have the same idea as we did. 

When we entered the garden, it was heaving with people, and there was more than one place where the press of bodies created traffic jams, but guess what? We really enjoyed the time we spent there in the sunshine with all the flowers and critters. We refused to let a few traffic jams spoil our afternoon.

Come along with us as I share some of the photographs I took.


The hedgehog cacti welcomed us as we made our way to the entrance.


Parts of the garden were standing room only, and so many people were taking pictures that it was difficult to make any progress through the crowds.


Desert Bluebells


Agave, desert bluebells, desert marigolds (yellow) & desert honeysuckle (orange)


Just past the entrance was another traffic jam with people looking up at a palo verde tree, pointing, and taking photos.


Here's why. A hummingbird had chosen a very public place to build her nest.


When you think of a desert, you don't think of shade, ferns, and palms, do you?


The pink plumes of penstemon were in many places in the garden-- a favorite hummingbird food.


Desert Sunflowers


Mojave Asters


The line was long in front of the Webster Auditorium where the oldest plant in the garden-- a huge Mexican cardon planted in 1938-- is one of the most popular places for visitors to take photos and selfies.


The cheek pouches on this little ground squirrel are proof that it's gotten its share of the raw sunflower kernels I just happened to have in my camera bag.


Flowers on the bloom stalk of a yucca plant.


If it looks as though something's been chowing down on this prickly pear, it has. Javelinas have been visiting the garden, and they love prickly pear cacti.


I think cactus flowers are among the most beautiful in the world.


Even if something looks like a stack of sticks, it doesn't hurt to take a closer look. See? It's blooming!




Gopher ground squirrel


One of my favorite spring flowers, the brittlebush. Denis and I have seen entire mountainsides covered in brittlebush yellow on the Apache Trail.


Cactus flowers come in all colors.


More pretties.


There was still a traffic jam at the palo verde tree on our way out. This time I could see that there were TWO hummingbirds in the nest. From their size, they should be fledging soon. Mama made sure they didn't have to fly far to feed themselves.



Denis and I always enjoy ourselves so much when we visit the garden. I hope you enjoy your virtual visits, too.


  1. So glad you and Denis were able to go to the Desert B9tanical Garden, Agree that the cactus flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Cathy! I love the way you capture those little bits of beauty so well. That's the thing about the desert. It is a truly beautiful place if you know where to look. Gorgeous blooms and I love how alive it all looks!

  3. Cacti sure do have gorgeous flower! And I love that you were able to capture baby hummingbirds in their nest!!! Those are some amazing photographs. :D

    1. The Desert Botanical Garden is one of those places that can make you feel like a photographer. :-)

  4. Beautiful plants. And the ground squirrel with the fat cheeks is incredibly cute!

    1. Those ground squirrels have hidden caches all over the Patio Cafe area in which to store their goodies.

  5. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your photos! I love the vibrant blue!

  6. I am late to the party, but so glad I didn't miss out. What beautiful pictures! The variety and colors of the flowers is amazing. But those hummingbirds are quite a sight to see. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Cathy!


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