Thursday, April 27, 2023

A Tiny House Weekly Link Round-Up


Next week, you'll see the first of two posts sharing photos that I took on our recent visit to the Phoenix Zoo. This week, Denis and I will be returning to the Desert Botanical Garden to see how many of those hundreds of buds have bloomed.
Nothing exciting has been going on, and that's usually a good thing once you've been run over by the express train of health problems. (Both of us are fine now, thank you.) Whenever we leave the driveway gate open, a little neighbor boy thinks it's an invitation for him to come in with his big rubber ducky. He proceeds to take the solar fountain out of the birdbath so his ducky has plenty of room to swim. Then his mother comes to chase him out, never once putting the solar fountain back where it belongs. It's annoying, and it never happens when we're Johnny-on-the-spot to go out and have a talk with them. Our only solution has been to always keep the driveway gate closed whenever we're not expecting deliveries or visitors.
Here's something I found that tickled my fancy--

This is my kind of tiny house. I can see how some people would like the idea of a tiny house, but I'm not one of them. I like space and elbow room. But to have something like this as a cozy reading spot with space for your books and immediate access to reading outside? I like! Someone called it a "she shed," but I have to admit that the terms "she shed" and "man cave" make me roll my eyes. Denis is the same way, so we're a well-matched pair. But back to the picture. Just think, if Denis and I were to go on a road trip, I wouldn't have to waste any time trying to decide which books to take; just hitch this baby up, throw the luggage, tunes, and snacks in the Jeep, and hit the road! 
Well, I'm going to go back to reorganizing my clothes closet. (What is it about spring that makes me want to do this? I've already gone through the office closet!)
Enjoy the links! 

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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

No matter how busy you may be, don't forget that quality Me Time curled up with a good book!


  1. That's such a beautiful little library, Cathy! I could spend a lot of time there, even though it's small. And I hope that little boy learns something about putting things where they belong! In the meantime, I'm off to Peru, but I'll be back to see your photos!

    1. It's doubtful that he will learn since it's a lesson his mother doesn't seem to be familiar with. Ah well.

  2. I have closets that need attention, if you're looking for projects! ;)

    I'm looking forward to reading David Grann's new book, and Candice Millard's book about that TR expedition is also on my list, so I'm starting with those 2 links this week.

    1. If I could give them some attention from here, I would, because I love doing this sort of thing. I know. I'm weird. ;-)

      Millard's book about the TR expedition is one of my all-time favorites.

  3. That is the cutest tiny house/reading nook! I love it. :D


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