Sunday, March 26, 2023

On My Radar: Ann Cleeves' The Raging Storm!


You know me-- when I learn that there's a new Ann Cleeves mystery in the pipeline, I get a big smile on my face that takes three days to wear off. Well, the smile is finally gone, but there's still a song in my heart, so without further fuss, let me share the details!

Available September 5, 2023!


"When Jem Rosco―sailor, adventurer, and legend―blows into town in the middle of an autumn gale, the residents of Greystone, Devon, are delighted to have a celebrity in their midst. But just as abruptly as he arrived, Rosco disappears again, and soon his lifeless body is discovered in a dinghy, anchored off Scully Cove, a place with legends of its own.

This is an uncomfortable case for Detective Inspector Matthew Venn. Greystone is a place he visited as a child, a community he parted ways with. Superstition and rumor mix with fact as another body is found, and Matthew finds his judgment clouded. As the winds howl, and Venn and his team investigate, he realizes that no one, including himself, is safe from Scully Cove’s storm of dark secrets.

This author's blend of character, story, and setting just suit me right down to the ground, and even though I'm not a cover junkie, I have to admit that I tend to love the covers of her books. (Her stories must inspire the cover designers!)

I know I'm not the only one who's looking forward to this one. September seems so far away...


  1. Finding out a favorite author has a new book coming out is the best! :D

  2. I am late to this party, Cathy - sorry! But I think it's fabulous that there's a new Ann Cleeves coming out. She's one of the best, in my opinion, at conveying setting and local cultures. *Rubs hands together excitedly*

    1. You're not the only one rubbing your hands together in anticipation!


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