Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A Chill Wind at the Phoenix Zoo

Two weeks ago, Denis and I boarded the Dial-a-Ride bus and headed for the Phoenix Zoo, even though it was a mere 42°F (5°C) with a cold wind blowing-- practically Arctic conditions here in Phoenix. But... when you need to get out, you need to get out, right? Nothing cures my cabin fever like critter watching.

Despite feeling as though our sweaters and fleece jackets were not enough to prevent icicles from hanging off our ears, we did enjoy ourselves as we wandered around. Here are a few photos of the day.

Even though I was more interested in the California condors flying back and forth in their enclosure, I have to admit that this bald eagle did make an impression.

These little ground squirrels were all over the Arizona Trail section of the zoo.

I loved this big horn sheep sculpture.

Most of the animals had found a patch of sun to snooze in, like this burrowing owl.

Although this prairie dog was more interested in lunch.

They're building a big new section for the African section of the zoo, and Denis and I look forward to its completion.

Did you know that a group of warthogs is called a sounder?

Egrets love the Phoenix Zoo. Everywhere I looked, there seemed to be an egret. Were these two stalking us?

Even cheetahs know that you nap better when your tongue sticks out a little.

A maned wolf in its own patch of sun.

A flamingo trying to nap.

A jaguar.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit. Denis and I look forward to going back when it's a bit warmer!


  1. Wrangling with Google seems to be my profession now. I had to agree to cookies or I was banned. So glad you and Denis were able to go to that zoo. Seeing those critters would life my spirits, too. But seeing their photos does as well. I learned a few things here, including that warthogs cuddle when they sleep, that there are maned wolves, and that all creatures enjoy napping in the sun. I also like that sculpture, and I'm glad to see the Africa section is being expanded. What a wonderful day trip. I'm enjoying trips virtually, which is fine. I have a computer and the internet and can see almost everything.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you had some chilly weather, Cathy, but I'm so glad you and Denis were able to go. A day out can be a real tonic! And those pictures are stunning, too. I couldn't even decide which one I liked the best, they're all so fabulous!

  3. Really nice pictures. I especially like the little Burrowing Owl. We've actually had one visiting our area recently, in our Anahuac NWR.

    1. I like visiting them at the Water Ranch in Gilbert. Which reminds me... it's been a long time since we've been there.

  4. So many amazing photos!!! I especially love the ones of the flamingo and the burrowing owl, but all of them are beautiful. What kind of camera and lens do you have?

    1. It's a Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom and Built-in Wi-Fi.


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