Sunday, January 29, 2023

On My Radar: Craig Johnson's The Longmire Defense!


Many of you already know that when I learn there's a new Walt Longmire mystery in the pipeline, I happy dance around the house. I think I celebrate a little bit harder because I've attended so many of author Craig Johnson's events at The Poisoned Pen, and I know how much fun he is to be around. This time, when I learned about his new book, Denis came down from the other end of the house to find out what my Yippee! was about.
Let me share the info in case you haven't added it to your own lists already.
Available September 5, 2023!

"Walt Longmire faces one of his most challenging crime scenes as he tries to reckon with the revelations of his last case where he confronted the ghosts of his past and questioned the very nature of justice and mercy in the hard country of the West.

Deep in the heart of the Wyoming countryside, Sheriff of Absaroka County, Walt Longmire, is called to a crime scene like few others that he has seen.  This crime brings up issues that go back to Walt’s grandfather’s time in Wyoming, as the revelations he learns about his grandfather come back to offer clues and motives for Walt’s investigation.  Filled with back-country action, and with the great cast of characters that readers have come to love with the Longmire series, this new book will be sure to satisfy both long-time readers and those new to the series.
The Longmire Defense sounds like another good one in which we learn more about Walt's family and background. I don't know about you, but September seems to be a long time to wait! 


  1. I still haven't read any of these books! I keep meaning to, I've got several on my TBR list, but other books keep getting in the way. ;D

  2. This one's on my wish list, Cathy, no doubt about that. Even the weakest of these books is better than lots of people's best, so I bet it'll be a good 'un!

  3. My husband is the one that's caught up with this series. I've read a few, but I'm way behind. I'm sure he will be delighted to hear about this one, Cathy!

  4. I have seen Johnsion twice at events and he is so fun to listen to!

  5. I'm still on the library's hold list for the one that came out before Christmas, so theoretically that should make the wait for this next one seem shorter...

  6. Thank you for bringing this one to my attention. Hadn't had time to look for new books by favorite authors coming soon lately.


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