Thursday, January 19, 2023

And the Pack Grows Weekly Link Round-Up


Last Friday, I was outside, basking in the sun, working on my needlepoint project, and listening to a book when the pest control guy showed up. (We don't want scorpions or roof rats to take up residence, thank you very much.) We chatted for a few minutes, and then he went to work.

A few minutes later, he came back from the far side of the house and told me that he'd just seen two coyotes on the other side of the fence back by the old irrigation ditch. They weren't bothered at all by the neighbors' yappy dog, but weren't too crazy about his presence, so they left. 
So Wile E has a companion, eh? I found this interesting, and wished I could get a photo of them at some point.

Coyotes in San Francisco.

A couple of days later, I was checking my NextDoor app and found a video taken a few blocks away of two coyotes trotting down the street, totally uninterested in a little white dog that ran past them. And let me tell you, they were in much better condition than the two animals in the photo above! The two here in this neighborhood look so well-fed, and their coats are so thick and shiny, it's almost as if they're someone's pets. For them to be unconcerned with that little dog tells me that they're getting plenty of food from other sources. Who knows? Maybe they're the reason why we don't have roof rats.

The sun is out after another storm moved through, so don't mind me while I go out to do some more basking in January. 
Enjoy the links!

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►Book Banning & Censorship◄
►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄
►Channeling My Inner Elly May Clampett◄
  • Scarborough, England, canceled its New Year's Eve fireworks to let Thor the walrus sleep. I doubt many other places would have put an animal's welfare above a fireworks display.
  • Can scientists save the world's tiniest rabbit
  • The world's first vaccine for honeybees is here. 
  • Why do beavers build dams? 
  • To save birds from invading Americans, one man in Poland built floating forts.
►The Wanderer◄
►Fascinating Folk◄
  • My first thriller: Diana Gabaldon.
  • Jean Rhys's voyage in the dark. (Her Wide Sargasso Sea is one of my all-time favorite books.) 
  • Galla Placidia, the misunderstood Roman empress who willed her way to the top. 
  • Who was Yasuke, Japan's first Black samurai? 
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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Don't forget to spend quality Me Time curled up with a good book!


  1. I love to see coyotes, Cathy. We used to see them from time to time in the place we used to live in. But since we've moved here, there's only been, I think, one sighting. Once I actually saw one just walking up the street, as unconcerned as if s/he'd been heading to the 7-Eleven to buy a lottery ticket or something. I wonder if they had coyotes in Pompeii? I'll let you know when I get back. (Oh, and I'm off to that Roman bath and the shipwreck, too. I'm spoilt for choice this time!).

    1. I always thought coyotes were North American critters, but they could've crossed the pond. Let me know! ;-)

  2. I would rather have coyotes than rats! Hope you have a good weekend. :D

    1. I agree with you--coyotes any day over rats. Hope you're having a good weekend, too!

  3. We need coyotes in New York City then -- that or mountain lions.

  4. I see you're reading Last Seen in Lapaz and Pay Dirt Road. Can't wait for the reviews.

    1. I like Quartey, so no problem there with getting into his story. On the other hand, I was having a bit of trouble with Pay Dirt Road until they finally found the body, so I'm hoping it picks up now. (No problem with the writing. Just a problem with the type of characters I don't care for.)

    2. Oh, no, characters not cared for. Not encouraging.

    3. That doesn't always mean anything. I tend to dislike some sorts of characters that don't bother anyone else.


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