Sunday, November 06, 2022

October 2022 Additions to My Digital Security Blanket


October is the month many Phoenicians wait for. After months of 100°F.+/38°C.+ temperatures, things finally begin to cool down. One of my favorite October things is to turn on the cold water faucet and actually have cold water come out (instead of boiling hot). That's just one facet of life in the desert-- like the prime parking spots being the ones in the shade, not the one closest to the building you want to enter. I've been spending quality time sitting outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine while doing needlepoint and listening to an audiobook. Yep. Other parts of the country are already getting snow, and here I am, sitting outside stitching and listening.

Due to some unexpected bargains, there are a few more additions to my digital security  blanket, so I'd better start sharing them with you! I have them grouped by genre/subgenre, and if you click on the link in each book's title, you'll be taken to Amazon US where you can learn more about it. Let's see what I couldn't resist.
===Short Story===
Seven Years by Peter Robinson, set in England.
♦ I enjoy Peter Robinson's writing as well as the Bibliomysteries series this short story is a part of. Looks like a win-win situation to me!
Disappeared by Linda Castillo, set in Ohio.
 ♦ I've been enjoying these Kate Burkholder short stories, so I've indulged myself.
Dark Chamber by Jeri Westerson, set in medieval England.
 ♦ I've been curious about Westerson's Crispin Guest series for years, so I decided to sample this short story. Rated three stars on Goodreads.
♦ This is the second short story by Moreno-Garcia that I've read (rated four stars on Goodreads) and enjoyed. One of these days, I'm going to pick up my Kindle and start reading Mexican Gothic!
♦ Broadribb's Retired Detectives Club series intrigued me. The price was right, so...
♦ This one was a triple threat: intriguing plot, local author, sale price. Cha ching!
===Historical Mystery===
 Funeral Train by Laurie Loewenstein, set in Oklahoma.

♦ I loved her first Dust Bowl mystery, Death of a Rainmaker, so I jumped on this one when I saw it-- and it wasn't even on sale! (I hope you were sitting down...) I'll be reading it SOON.

===Private Investigator===

AUDIOBOOK: Pay Dirt Road by Samantha Jayne Allen, set in Texas.

♦ This is another case of intriguing plot and the right price.

===Police Procedural===

♦ I've read other books in series Masters writes, and the synopsis (and price) of this one showed me, once again, that I have no self-restraint when it comes to books.

♦ I came to Fowler's Bryant & May series late, and I seem to be gobbling them up as they come on sale and squirreling them away for the day I'm no longer a literary magpie. (Well, I can dream, can't I?)

===Science Fiction===

AUDIOBOOK: Doing Time by Jodi Taylor.

♦ I read one of Taylor's books in another series and really enjoyed the light-hearted fun. This is the first in a new series, and as I read the synopsis, I was reminded of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, so I just had to give it a try. 

AUDIOBOOK: The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette, set in Massachusetts.

Lark's review of this book persuaded me that I just had to read it.

===Historical Fiction===

♦ This couple are bestselling authors and award-winning archaeologists. I read one of their books featuring the Anasazi years ago and really liked it, so when I came across this book on sale and found out it was the first in a series about the People of Cahokia, I snapped it up. I've been to Cahokia, a very evocative place, and I look forward to reading the Gears' take on this civilization.

===Cozy Mystery===

♦ This latest in one of my favorite series has a fascinating premise-- what would happen to YOU if you were declared dead? I'm looking forward to reading it.

How did I do? Did I choose any that you've already read... or that I persuaded you to add to your own Need-to-Read lists? Do tell! You know that inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. You have some gems here, Cathy! Masters, Castillo, the Gears, they're all so talented, and I'm glad that you found bargains! I know what you mean about the cooler weather, too. It's nice to need a jacket when I take the dog out in the morning...

    1. Our temperatures have been staying in the 70s. I wish it would warm up just a tad... into the 80s. Yes, I know, but if I'm not out in the direct sun, 70s can be cold. Months of 100°+ thins out your blood and turns you into a wimp! LOL

  2. We've had some unusually mild days here recently, so I've enjoyed sitting outside for lunches while I can. I agree with your reply above - once the temps are in the 70s, I start needing layers to sit outside also.


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