Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Some October Book Art


Miles Hyman's "Girl Reading in Lawn"

This painting is reminiscent of the art in a graphic novel, and so many things about it pull me right in. Of course, there's the girl lying on her back in the deep grass reading a book. That brings back so many memories. Growing up in central Illinois, even the weather turning cooler at this time of year wouldn't keep me from lying on the ground to read a book. Of course, I'd undoubtedly be wearing a sweatshirt and lying on an old blanket.

Then there's the mystery of what she's reading. Whenever I see someone with a book, I always want to know the book's title.

Then there's that rather sinister-looking tower of evergreens looming over her and casting shadows across the grass.
And how about that house? That house looks as though it's watching the girl reading her book... and it looks like it holds more than one secret.
I love paintings that fire up my imagination, don't you?


  1. I can see how this one gets your imagination going, Cathy! I wonder what's beyond those trees...

  2. I love the style of that painting! For some reason it puts me in mind of Golden Age mysteries. I am dying to know what she is reading too.

    1. Yes! It puts me in mind of Golden Age mysteries, too! I think it has a lot to do with the house and the fact that she seems a bit "dressed up" to me to be laying on the grass. (Thus speaketh someone who'd choose jeans and a shirt any day over a dress.)

  3. I want to know what she's reading, too! :D

  4. What a nice piece of art. That house is especially intriguing. I envision it featuring in a gothic mystery.

  5. I like every painting of women reading. This is a nice one.


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