Sunday, September 25, 2022

On My Radar: Betty Webb's Lost in Paris!


I'm a long-time fan of Betty Webb's writing. I love her humorous Gunn Zoo mystery series, and I was certainly sad to see her Lena Jones series end, but since I do follow her on social media, I knew she was up to something.

I finally found out more about her next book, so let me share! 


Available April 4, 2023!




PARIS, 1922: Zoe Barlow knows the pain of loss. By the age of eighteen, she'd already lost her father to suicide, and her reputation to an ill-fated love affair―not to mention other losses, too devastating for words. Exiled from her home and her beloved younger sister by their stepmother, she was unceremoniously dumped in Paris without a friend to help her find her way.

 Four years later, Zoe has forged a new life as a painter amidst fellow artists, expats, and revolutionary thinkers struggling to make sense of the world in the aftermath of war. She's adopted this Lost Generation as her new family, so when her dear friend Hadley Hemingway loses a valise containing all of her husband Ernest's writings, Zoe happily volunteers to track it down. But her search for the bag keeps leading to murder victims, and Zoe must again face hard losses―this time among her adopted tribe. If she persists in her reckless quest to find the killer, the next life lost may be her own.

 Pulsing with the glamour and excitement of the Jazz Age, Lost in Paris explores a young woman's journey to redeem herself from the heartaches of her past, while finding her way forward in tumultuous, unprecedented times.


I know Betty loves Paris, so I'm really looking forward to her first historical mystery, not just because of the setting but because I want to get to know Zoe. I know fellow Betty Webb fans will want to read this book, and I'm hoping that any of you who are new to her writing will decide now is the time to take the plunge. Webb can write lighthearted and funny (Gunn Zoo) and deadly serious (Lena Jones), and I know she'll be just as good when it comes to historical mysteries!


  1. I do like Betty Webb's work, Cathy! The Lena Jones series was great, and I like what I've read of the Gunn series. This new novel has two things that always appeal to me: a solid historical context and a strong female protagonist. I'll bet it'll be a good 'un.

  2. This is a new to me author. Mysteries during the Jazz Age are always intriguing and it sounds like the author knows how to write a good mystery.

  3. Oh, this sounds good - and you know I'll love the setting :)


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