Sunday, September 04, 2022

August 2022 Additions to My Digital Security Blanket


No one really went out of their way to tempt me, so I didn't splurge very much during the month of August. (Of course, that can be a good thing!) I spent more time working on house projects and keeping an eye on J.R. the raccoon than I actually did reading. Why? Because it seemed that every time I cracked open a book, I was asleep in under five minutes. That annoys the stuffin' outta me, but I think it has a lot to do with the weather; it's really been enervating these past few weeks.

Since I didn't buy very much, it shouldn't take me very long to tell you about my purchases. Let me get started, and we'll see what happens! I've grouped the books by genre/subgenre, and if you click on the link in the book title, you'll be taken to Amazon US where you can learn more about the book.
===Police Procedural===
Serpent's Point by Kate Ellis. Set in Devon, England.
 ██ I am a long-time devoted fan of this series, so there's no way I'd miss the latest installment! I love Ellis's skill at blending character, setting, history, and mystery.

===Historical Mystery===

The Lost Man of Bombay by Vaseem Khan. Set in 1950s India.

██ I've really been enjoying Khan's series featuring Inspector Persis Wadia, so this purchase was a no-brainer!
City on the Edge by David Swinson. Set in Lebanon.
██ The Lebanese setting and a story from the point of view of an American teen living there in 1972 piqued my interest, and when the price was right...
===Amateur Sleuth ===
The Shadows We Hide by Allen Eskens. Set in Minnesota.
██ I'm currently listening to a book written by Eskens, and it reminded me of the fact that I've never ever been disappointed by any book of his that I've read, so I went searching to see if I'd missed any. I had. Shame on me!
===Short Story===
Double Sin by Agatha Christie. Set in England.
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook by Agatha Christie. Set in England.
The King of Clubs by Agatha Christie. Set in England.
How Does Your Garden Grow? by Agatha Christie. Set in England.
Problem at Sea by Agatha Christie. Set at sea.
██ Lately, I've been bingeing on Britbox's Poirot mysteries starring David Suchet. It occurred to me that, although I'd read Christie's short stories featuring Miss Marple, I had yet to sample any with Poirot. As you can see, I've set out to rectify that oversight!

██ I've mentioned in the past that I really enjoy Castillo's Kate Burkholder short stories, and I came across this one that I hadn't read yet, so...

So... how did I do? Have you read any of these already? Care to share your opinions? (I hope so!) Did I intrigue you with any of my purchases? Which ones? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. I really like Vaseem Kahn's work, too, Cathy, so I can see why that was a no-brainer for you. And I see you have a Kate Ellis in there, too. I do like her Wesley Peterson series - all those great past/present connections in the stories! I'm glad you have some Christie short stories, too. I know she's not tops on your list, but I do hope you'll like them.

    1. I've found that I can enjoy Christie's short stories much more than one of her full-length novels, but I enjoy the film adaptations most of all!

  2. You've reminded me that I have several Kate Ellis mysteries to go to get current , which will be fun.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Allan Eskens. Must put a book of his on library hold. And also, reminding me about Vaseem Khan's series.


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