Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Back in the Saddle Weekly Link Round-Up


I know last week was a bit of a cheat, so I'll try to make up for my abruptness. 
Denis is doing well. He's getting more and more mobile and is beginning to lend a hand with a chore or two. I've had to be careful about keeping an eye on him because I know the tendency is there for him to do too much too soon. We definitely don't want any relapses!
Alas and alack, our gifted prickly pear fell to the lawn maintenance crew's trimmer. I'd asked them to make sure a couple of things were taken care of, but it totally slipped my mind to tell them HANDS OFF THE CACTUS! There's a smidge of hope because they left behind a nub still planted in the ground, and that nub has been getting rained on. It could start growing all over again, and if it does, I'm going to put a protection spell over it.
Is JR the raccoon still stopping by? Yes, he is. He seems to have established his rounds of the neighborhood, and he stops by once a week. I always love seeing him.
I've been irked for quite some time about the chair of my mobility scooter. It looked like something dragged off the scrap heap. The vinyl seat started cracking shortly after I got it. Denis ordered a specially-made quilted seat cover for it. Then the back of the chair began looking like it was getting repeated goings-over with a cricket bat. The vinyl split, and although I Gorilla-taped the split to a fare-thee-well, the edges of the tape began peeling back. 
I didn't want to spend $500 for a replacement chair because there's nothing wrong with the chair itself; it just needed a makeover. So... I began pondering out-of-the-box solutions. I wandered down the aisles of Amazon and wound up spending a whole whopping $15 on a pair of stretchy slipcovers for two dining room chairs in the largest dimensions they came in. Instead of buying a pair the same basic black of the old seat, I chose slipcovers in a bright, bold print. My rationale? If I bought basic boring black, they wouldn't stretch enough to fit. If I bought bright and bold where everyone would see me coming from a block away, well... then they'd fit.
By swanny-- look how it turned out!

I think it turned out rather well, don't you? Why did I choose a bold red print? Because Ruby (that's my scooter's name) has shiny red metallic plates on her nether regions, that's why. Between the new seat cover and those red plates, she looks quite posh, even if I do say so myself.
Special thanks, as always to those of you who send me little messages, bookmarks, and the like. You're the best!
Enjoy the links!

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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. And don't forget to curl up with a good book!


  1. I love that bold red, Cathy! I think it suits Ruby quite well. And it's very good to hear that Denis is making progress. Step by step, he'll get there, and in the meantime, he's starting to do some things and feel a little more independent - that's great! I hope your prickly pear comes back; those are beautiful. Now, I must go check out that Spanish Stonehenge. And then check around outside and see if there are any dinosaur skeletons here....

  2. The continuing efforts to ban books and control children's thoughts, in which Texas seems to be ground zero, are both depressing and infuriating. I love your lists and I'm going to spend some time checking them out. Oh, and good job on the chair. It looks great!

  3. I hope your poor cactus survives. And I love your new red slipcovers! Have a great weekend. :D

  4. The red slipcovers look great, and very comfy too. Here's hoping your cactus makes a comeback!

    I'm a longtime tennis fan, so I was pleased, but not in the least surprised when that Federer story came out.

  5. The red slipcovers are so cheerful! Glad to hear Denis continues to improve. Sounds like he is in that annoying stage of feeling really good, but could easily over do it and be back to square one. He's lucky to have you there keeping an eye on him 😉.

    1. Yes, but he's a wily devil-- he waited until I was in the shower before going out and doing something he KNEW he shouldn't be doing solo. Of course, the nitwit was in pain the rest of the day (and night).

  6. I like your cheerful red slipcovers!

  7. The slipcovers are the bomb! Beautiful color and pattern. And very cheerful, and I hope everyone will see you coming and get out of the way. As for your spouse, perhaps hire a sentry to stand guard while you shower and do errands. Or get one of those guard geese. Thanks for the links. Glad things are progressing. It sounds chipper at your house.

    1. I was ripping my hair out yesterday. Due to a scheduling conflict, the woman who comes every Friday to help us out came yesterday. She and I were in the middle of a major project when Denis came in on his motorized wheelchair, wanting a piece of the action.

      It was like trying to herd cats-- and my days of being able to do that well are long gone.


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