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July 2022 New Mystery Releases!

While Denis is in the rehab facility, working hard so that he can come home, I've felt like Penelope at her loom, waiting for the return of Odysseus. I haven't been idle during this limbo, and right now I'm concentrating on trying to get Casa Kittling ready for this man of mine.

The major problem is that I'm basically stuck here in the house. I can't find reliable transportation that will take my electric scooter and me where I need to go and, more importantly, bring me back. One of the things that needs to be done I can ask Claude about. Claude is the wonder worker who remodeled our guest bath and poured the concrete for our "racetrack." Denis is going to need grab bars for the toilets. I've found ones that should do the job, and now it's a matter of consulting Claude about installing them.

The other things are much more problematic. Will I actually be able to shop for a mattress and two recliners here from the house? Well, of course I can, but can I get them delivered, set up, and have the old items hauled away? As the King of Siam would say, "Is...a puzzlement!" But I'm working on it.

While I'm not working on it, I'm keeping my eye peeled for new crime fiction. These are my picks for the best new mysteries available in July. I've grouped them by their release dates, and the covers and synopses are courtesy of my favorite showroom, Amazon.

Let's see if I've added to or reinforced your own wish list choices!

=== July 5 ===

Title: Confidence
Author: Denise Mina
Thriller, Sequel to Conviction
304 pages
Synopsis: "Anna McDonald has made a terrible mistake. She has forced her blended family to vacation together. The weather is bad, her daughters are bored, and her ex-husband still insufferable. Oh, and Fin Cohen brought his latest girlfriend, too. So when news of a shocking kidnapping breaks, Anna and Fin do the responsible thing. They take off to solve the case. 

Lisa Lee, a young YouTube star, has vanished after answering the door to what she thought was a pizza delivery. Police suspect her dad or the delivery guy, but in Lisa’s last known video she ventured into an abandoned chateau in France, where she uncovered a priceless artifact. Anna knows they must find this young woman before it’s too late. To do so, they need to track down that treasure, a casket that could hold answers to the greatest questions ever asked.

But Anna and Fin might have misunderstood the stakes of the game. Soon, they find themselves mixed up with some very dark characters, on another thrilling chase across Europe—and another race to save their own lives.

Title: Augusta Hawke
Author: G.M. Malliet
Series: #1 in the Augusta Hawke amateur sleuth series set in Virginia
240 pages

*Upcoming review on Kittling: Books.

Synopsis: "While Augusta Hawke is a successful author of eighteen crime novels, since her husband's death she's been living vicariously through her Jules Maigret-like detective Claude and his assistant Caroline. Then a handsome police detective appears investigating a real-life mystery.

Where are her neighbors, the Normans? No one has a clue what's happened - except Augusta. Although she isn't nosy, spending all day staring out the windows for inspiration means she does notice things. Like the Normans arguing. And that they've been missing a week.

Once the Normans' car is found abandoned, Augusta senses material for a bestseller and calls on the investigatory skills she's developed as a crime writer. But she soon uncovers long-hidden secrets and finds herself facing real-life dangers her characters never faced . . . ones she can't write her way out of.

Title: Holy Chow
Series: #25 in the humorous Andy Carpenter series set in New Jersey
304 pages
Synopsis: "Retired lawyer Andy Carpenter’s calling has always been running the Tara Foundation. The dog rescue organization places hundreds of dogs in new homes every year. It’s added up to so many dogs and new owners that Andy can’t even do the math. But there’s one dog―and one owner―Andy will always remember.

About a year ago, Rachel Morehouse came to the foundation looking for a companion. In her sixties and recently widowed, Rachel wanted a senior dog that also needed someone. Andy took a liking to her, Rachel took a liking to Lion, an older Chow Chow, and the rest is history.

That is, until Rachel calls Andy begging for a favor:
If Rachel dies, will Andy take care of Lion if her stepson cannot? Andy agrees, no questions asked, and promptly forgets about it... until he receives a call from Rachel’s estate to attend her will reading. Which is where he meets Rachel’s stepson, Tony, who is promptly arrested for his stepmother’s murder. And he wants Andy to prove his innocence.

Andy has continued to learn more about the woman he so greatly admired and the businesses she ran, and holy chow, was this woman impressive. The person who killed her deserves to be held accountable, and if Tony is to be believed, they’re still out there. And that possibility is too much for Andy to remain on the sidelines.
Title: Havana Highwire
Series: #1 in the Cuban Noir P.I. series set in 1950s Cuba
224 pages
Synopsis: "World-weary American Henry Gore was born in the cold Midwest. But a lucky connection - and a hundred peso bribe - scores him a license to operate as a private investigator in Havana, a place where he can finally get warm. Soon, he's trailing after cheating husbands to finance his permanent vacation in the land of sun, cigars and compliant señoritas.

But when he snaps the wrong man's photo at a fancy casino, he receives a fist in the face for his troubles - and a dark warning from the Mob. Private dicks are bad for business. If he carries on working, his license will be permanently revoked.

No work means no money. No way to eat. No way to pay the rent. Desperate to make ends meet, Henry grabs an offer of work from Fulgencio Batista's military regime with both hands - setting in motion a chain of events with dark and deadly consequences.

With its rum-soaked, revolutionary Caribbean setting, dark humour, glamorous femme fatales and chilling twists, Havana Highwire is crime noir at its finest.

Title: Listen to Me
Series: #13 in the Rizzoli & Isles police procedural series set in Boston
320 pages
Synopsis: "Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are newly plagued by what seems like a completely senseless murder. Sofia Suarez, a widow and nurse who was universally liked by her neighbors, lies bludgeoned to death in her own home. But anything can happen behind closed doors, and Sofia seemed to have plenty of secrets in her last days, making covert phone calls to traceless burner phones. When Jane finally makes a connection between Sofia and the victim of a hit-and-run from months earlier, the case only grows more blurry. What exactly was Sofia involved in? One thing is clear: The killer will do anything it takes to keep their secret safe.
Meanwhile, Angela Rizzoli hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in all the years since her daughter became a homicide detective. Maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree: Nothing in Angela’s neighborhood gets by her—not the gossip about a runaway teenager down the block and definitely not the strange neighbors who have just moved in across the street. Angela’s sure there’s no such thing as coincidence in her sleepy suburb. If only Jane would listen—instead she writes off Angela’s concerns as the result of an overactive imagination. But Angela’s convinced there’s a real wolf in her vicinity, and her cries might now fall on deaf ears.

With so much happening on the Sofia case, Jane and Maura already struggle to see the forest for the trees, but will they lose sight of something sinister happening much closer to home?
Title: Miss Aldridge Regrets
Author: Louise Hare
Series: #1 in the Lena Aldridge historical series set in 1930s London and on board the RMS Queen Mary.
368 pages
Synopsis: "London, 1936. Lena Aldridge wonders if life has passed her by. The dazzling theatre career she hoped for hasn’t worked out. Instead, she’s stuck singing in a sticky-floored basement club in Soho, and her married lover has just left her. But Lena has always had a complicated life, one shrouded in mystery as a mixed-race girl passing for white in a city unforgiving of her true racial heritage.

She’s feeling utterly hopeless until a stranger offers her the chance of a lifetime: a starring role on Broadway and a first-class ticket on the Queen Mary bound for New York. After a murder at the club, the timing couldn’t be better, and Lena jumps at the chance to escape England. But death follows her onboard when an obscenely wealthy family draws her into their fold just as one among them is killed in a chillingly familiar way. As Lena navigates the Abernathy’s increasingly bizarre family dynamic, she realizes that her greatest performance won't be for an audience, but for her life.

With seductive glamor, simmering family drama, and dizzying twists, Louise Hare makes her beguiling US debut.

Title: The Hidden One
Series: #14 in the Kate Burkholder police procedural series set in the Amish country of Ohio
320 pages
Synopsis: "Over a decade ago, beloved Amish bishop Ananias Stoltzfus disappeared without a trace. When skeletal remains showing evidence of foul play are unearthed, his disappearance becomes even more sinister.

The town’s elders arrive in Painters Mill to ask chief of police Kate Burkholder for help, but she quickly realizes she has a personal connection to the crime. The handsome Amish man who stands accused of the murder, Jonas Bowman, was Kate’s first love. Forced to confront a painful episode from her past, Kate travels to Pennsylvania’s Kishacoquillas Valley, where the Amish culture differs dramatically from the traditions she knows. Though Bishop Stoltzfus was highly respected, she soon hears about a dark side to this complex man. What was he hiding that resulted in his own brutal death?

Someone doesn’t want Kate asking questions. But even after being accosted and threatened in the dead of night, she refuses to back down. Is she too close to the case―and to Jonas―to see clearly? There’s a killer in the Valley who will stop at nothing to keep the past buried. Will they get to Kate before she can expose the truth? Or will the bishop’s secrets remain hidden forever?
=== July 14 ===
Title: Bryant & May's Peculiar London
Series: a travel guide and part of the Bryant & May police procedural (and so much more) series set in London.
400 pages
*UK Release
Synopsis: "As the nation's oldest serving detectives, we know more about London than almost anyone. After all, we've been walking its streets and impulsively arresting its citizens for decades. Who better to take you through its less savoury side? 

We'll be chatting about odd buildings, odder characters, lost venues, forgotten disasters, confusing routes, dubious gossip, illicit pleasures and hidden pubs. We'll be making all sorts of odd connections and showing you why it's almost impossible to separate fact from fiction in London.
With the help of some of our more disreputable friends, each an argumentative and unreliable expert in his or her own dodgy field, we'll explain why some streets have genders, why only two Londoners got to meet Dracula, how a department store and a prison played tricks on your mind, when a theatre got stranded in the past, how a building vanished in plain sight, what excited Charlotte Brontë about the city and where the devils hide in London. 

We hope to capture something of the city's restless spirit by shamelessly and wilfully wandering off course. It goes without saying that we'll bluff and bamboozle you along the way but that's all part of the fun. History is what you remember. London is what you forget (and we've forgotten a lot). So please do join us on this magical mystery tour of our city. Who knows where we'll end up?

=== July 19 ===

Title: The Wedding Plot
Author: Paula Munier
Series: #4 in the Mercy Carr & Elvis series set in Vermont
352 pages
Synopsis: "When Mercy’s grandmother Patience marries her longtime beau Claude Renault at the five-star Lady’s Slipper Inn, it promises to be the destination wedding of the year. Just as the four-day extravaganza is due to begin, the inn’s spa director Bodhi St. George disappears―and Mercy’s mother Grace sends Mercy and Elvis to find him. But what they discover instead is a stranger skewered by a pitchfork in the barn on the goat farm where St. George lived.

As Mercy tries to figure out who the victim is and where St. George is hiding, the bride and groom’s estranged relations gather for the first of the pre-wedding festivities. Long-buried rivalries and resentments surface―and Mercy realizes that they’re all keeping secrets that could tear both families apart. When Elvis interrupts the escalating melodrama to alert Mercy to an intruder on the estate, she finds a wounded St. George in the cottage where she and Troy are staying. St. George is not who he says he is―but when he escapes from the hospital and disappears again, Mercy thinks he’s gone for good. With the wedding imminent and the families at each other’s throats, she decides finding St. George will have to wait.

The big day arrives―but the danger is far from over. With the families and the festivities still under threat, it’s up to Mercy and Elvis together with Troy and Susie Bear to stop the killer and save the bride and groom―before death do they part.
=== July 21 ===
Title: The Accomplice
Series: #7 in the Eddie Flynn legal thriller series set in New York City
336 pages
*UK Release

The Sandman killings have been solved. Daniel Miller murdered fourteen people before he vanished. His wife, Carrie, now faces trial as his accomplice. The FBI, the District Attorney, the media and everyone in America believe she knew and helped cover up her husband's crimes.


Eddie Flynn won't take a case unless his client is innocent. Now, he has to prove to a jury, and the entire world, that Carrie Miller was just another victim of the Sandman. She didn't know her husband's dark side and she had no part in the murders. But so far, Eddie and his team are the only ones who believe her.


Gabriel Lake used to be a federal agent, before someone tried to kill him. Now, he's an investigator with a vendetta against the Sandman. He's the only one who can catch him, because he believes that everything the FBI knows about serial killers is wrong.


With his wife on trial, the Sandman is forced to come out of hiding to save her from a life sentence. He will kill to protect her and everyone involved in the case is a target.

Even Eddie Flynn...

=== July 26 ===

Title: The Paper Caper
Series: #16 in he Bibliophile cozy series set in California
336 pages
Synopsis: "Brooklyn is excited to be included in the Covington Library’s first annual Mark Twain Festival. She’ll rebind a rare first edition of The Prince and the Pauper before an enthusiastic audience of book nerds—her favorite people. The festival is the passion project of wealthy media mogul, book lover, and newspaper owner Joseph Cabot, who considers himself Twain’s biggest fan. Brooklyn’s hunky husband, Derek, and his security team once rescued Joseph from a corporate kidnapping attempt. Now Derek and his agents are charged with keeping Joseph and his beautiful young wife safe during the festivities taking place all over town. 
The centerpiece of the festival is a citywide contest based on
The Prince and the Pauper: one lucky look-alike will trade places with Joseph for a few days—with access to all the money and power that Joseph commands. Brooklyn and Derek worry that the contest might be generating some dangerous attention. And when someone is mysteriously poisoned right before Brooklyn’s eyes, she’s not convinced that the victim was the intended target. Now she and Derek must frantically chase clues and suspects through the streets of San Francisco before another murder becomes front-page news. . . .
Title: Red Flags
Author: Lisa Black
Series: #1 in the Locard Institute thriller series set in the Washington, D.C. area
352 pages
*Upcoming review on Kittling: Books.
Synopsis: "When D.C. crime scene analyst Dr. Ellie Carr is called to investigate the heartrending case of a missing baby, she’s shocked to discover that the child’s mother is her own cousin. Close during their impoverished childhoods, Ellie and Rebecca eventually drifted apart. Rebecca is now half of a Washington power couple, and she and her wealthy lobbyist husband, Hunter, have been living a charmed life in an opulent mansion—until their infant son is taken.
“Every contact leaves a trace.” That’s the basic principle of forensic science followed by pathologist Dr. Rachael Davies. A reluctant Ellie is teamed with Rachael, employed by Hunter to help with the investigation. Rachael is assistant dean at the prestigious Locard Forensic Institute, named in honor of the French criminologist who inspired the profession. But in this case, discovering where those traces lead quickly becomes a dangerous journey through a web of greed and deadly ambition.
At first antagonists, then allies, Ellie and Rachael race to find the baby alive and bring the kidnappers to justice. What seemed like a simple ransom grab reveals links to a lobbying effort to loosen regulations on a billion-dollar gaming empire. Unless they can piece together the evidence before the Senate hearing, Rebecca’s son—and others like him—will face an unthinkable fate…

Title: The Unkept Woman
Author: Allison Montclair
Series: #4 in the Sparks & Bainbridge historical series set in England
320 pages
*Upcoming review on Kittling: Books.
Synopsis: "The Right Sort Marriage Bureau was founded in 1946 by two disparate individuals - Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge (whose husband was killed in the recent World War) and Miss Iris Sparks who worked as an intelligence agent during the recent conflict, though this is not discussed. While the agency flourishes in the post-war climate, both founders have to deal with some of the fallout that conflict created in their personal lives. Miss Sparks finds herself followed, then approached, by a young woman who has a very personal connection to a former paramour of Sparks. But something is amiss and it seems that Iris's past may well cause something far more deadly than mere disruption in her personal life. Meanwhile, Gwendolyn is struggling to regain full legal control of her life, her finances, and her son - a legal path strewn with traps and pitfalls.

Together these indomitable two are determined and capable and not just of making the perfect marriage match.
Good gravy, there's a bumper crop of reading nirvana in July, isn't there?!? There's something for everyone, so we're all spoiled for choice. Which books from my choices are on your own lists? Are there any new-to-you authors here that you're going to add? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. Wow! It does sound complicated to get your place ready for Denis' return, Cathy! I hope everything goes smoothly, and mostly, I hope it's soon, and that his recovery is a an easy, smooth one. In the meantime, lots of good stuff coming out this month. There's a few that got my attention (the Mina, the Rosenfelt, the Castillo, and the Fowler, especially!).

    1. Yes, there certainly isn't a shortage of good books coming out in July, is there?

  2. Good luck to Denis and to you on his recovery and being able to return to a home fully prepared to meet his needs. And when you need a break from all that, you've got a lot of good reading in store.

  3. Yes, I'll also wish you luck as you figure out all the pieces for getting things ready for Denis to come home. I suspect you'll get it sorted - you're persistent, right? LOL

    Several of these books are on my list or I'm on my library hold list for when they come out. Always, always the new Linda Castillo book. I also am first in line for Lisa Black's book and the new Tess Gerritsen book. Wonder what made her come back to Jane and Maura after all this time. Curious. Oh, I also want to try Augusta Hawke, but I'm not sure my library has ordered that one. Perhaps I can request they do so. Thanks for the list! Enjoy all of these!

    1. I thought I'd watch The Poisoned Pen's event with Gerritsen to find out why she returned to Rizzoli & Isles after such a lengthy absence. I'm sure Barbara will ask her about it, and if she doesn't, I'm sure someone else will!

  4. I imagine it is complicated and frustrating to get your home ready when you can't find reliable transportation when you need to go out.

    I am looking forward to the new Sparks & Bainbridge. Several others look intriguing as well. I'm glad you are finding time to read in the midst of all you have going on!

    1. I have to read every single day, or I'll go mad. (And that's not much of an exaggeration!)

  5. My gosh. You do so much in one day. It's stunning. Have you tried calling any disability groups to ask about transportation in a van or if they can make a suggestion? A friend who uses a motorized scooter gets a car with a big space in back of the two front seats and there is a ramp to it.
    Anyway, so many tempting books here I'm overwhelmed. This on top of my library reserves, stacks here and lists everywhere. I see five or six I want to read. (sigh) (and happy, frenzied and overwhelmed emojis would appear if I knew where to find them)

    1. I've asked, and I keep getting referred to the businesses that leave you stranded 99% of the time. There is a much more guaranteed mode of transportation owned and operated by the city, but in order to qualify, you have to get you and your scooter to their offices where you are made to jump through several bureaucratic hoops before you do qualify. The problem is... I can't get down there to qualify.

  6. Does Phoenix Taxi or other cab services have cars that can accommodate a person with a motorized scooter? Anyway, on to happy reading and hoping the credit card bill isn't skyrocketing. I'm afraid to look at this list again.

    1. Yes. They're the worst ones at leaving a person stranded.

  7. What is with these companies anyway? Very annoying.

    1. I think part of the problem is not maintaining the vehicles properly. The ramps in the back always seem to be breaking down.

  8. That's terrible. Awful business practice. Maybe a truck with a ramp?

    1. When you say "truck," I'm picturing myself in the back of a pickup truck, waving to the people we pass on the street.


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