Monday, February 14, 2022

Diablo Mesa By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

First Line: Dr. Marcelle Weingrau, president of the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute, slowly unfolded her hands on the glossy surface of desk in front of her.
When you've got billions of dollars of disposable cash, you're used to having your whims obeyed. This is what happens when billionaire Lucas Tappan approaches the president of the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute. Suddenly, archaeologist Nora Kelly finds herself being told to head to Roswell to head a dig where a UFO supposedly crash-landed in 1947-- whether she wants to or not.
Once there, Kelly finds the bodies of two murder victims whose bodies were deliberately mutilated to evade identification. The proper authorities have to be called in, and Special Agent Corrie Swanson is put in charge of the case. 
As both women pursue their investigations, bizarre and inexplicable things come to light for both of them, and the closer they come to unearthing the truth, the closer they come to a showdown with a group that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets.
I absolutely love this series. I get to participate in archaeological digs. I get to learn fascinating bits of history. I get to tag along with two intelligent, brave women, and-- last but not least-- I get to vicariously savor thrilling chases, narrow escapes, and plenty of quick thinking and derring-do. There are times that this is exactly what the doctor orders, and I can rely on Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child to serve up the correct dosage prescribed.
I have to admit that, although I loved Diablo Mesa, I'm not as passionate about it as I was about The Scorpion's Tail, and I think that's due entirely to the central Quest. My taste buds fire up more when served a tasty Native American and Spanish treasure than it does with a course of UFOs, but that's just me. (Although a certain one-word message did send a chill down my spine.)
Preston and Child can be relied upon to build fantastic plots as they have done here, but it's the cast of characters that brings everything to life. Nora Kelly and her brother Skip. The continuing maturation of Special Agent Corrie Swanson. Sheriff Watts of Socorro County with his pearl-handled six-shooters and Resistol hat. This ensemble cast sparkles, and can even have me laughing in the middle of a dire chase scene.
Once again, I've finished a Nora Kelly book with a smile on my face and resigned to the interminable wait for the next adventure. Bring it on!  

eISBN: 9781538736739
Grand Central Publishing © 2022
eBook, 374 pages
Thriller, #3 Nora Kelly mystery
Rating: A
Source: Net Galley


  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed this one, Cathy. I agree with you that whether you really get excited about a book depends in part on what the topic is, and there is something about Native American and Spanish treasure! I can see why The Scorpion's Tail would do it for you. Still, it's all about characters and plotting, and it sounds as though this one's excellent, too. It doesn't sound as though it stretches credibility too far, either, which in my opinion is a plus. I like my disbelief to sit right next to me when I read.

    1. So do I. I can easily ignore it, but it's always right there to rein me in just in case an author overdoes it.

  2. :) I've been following Preston & Childs for years but somehow missed The Scorpion's Tail, so I guess I've some catching up to do!

    1. I think you'd really enjoy The Scorpion's Tail, Jen!

  3. I'm already on my library's hold list for this, so I'm glad to hear that it will live up to expectations.

  4. You've definitely whetted my appetite for this series. Now I just have to find a way to fit it in. I'm overwhelmed with books to read at the moment.

    1. I know what you mean. I've had an overwhelmed moment of my own from time to time.


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