Monday, January 31, 2022

Reader, I Buried Them & Other Stories by Peter Lovesey


First Line from the Foreword: Let me tell you a story about a short story.
More than fifty years ago, Peter Lovesey wrote a short story that got the attention of crime fiction master Ruth Rendell, and her praise ignited Lovesey's passion for short stories.
This collection contains eighteen short stories, including that very first one, three brand-new ones, and even one featuring his well-known Bath detective Peter Diamond. The settings vary wildly: the book publishing industry, a monastery, a theater, the island of Corfu, and a farmer's field containing a scarecrow wearing a checked jacket.

For readers unfamiliar with Peter Lovesey, these stories would be a good introduction. Since I am no stranger to this talented man's writing, I enjoyed each setting, each twist and turn, each clue illustrating the deviousness of Lovesey's mind. 

Now, after feasting on these stories, what I'm really in the mood for is Peter Diamond solving another puzzling case in Bath.
Reader, I Buried Them and other stories by Peter Lovesey
eISBN: 9781641293624
Soho Press © 2022
eBook, 385 pages
Short Story Anthology
Rating: B+
Source: Net Galley


  1. I do like Peter Lovesey's writing, Cathy. And the stories sound intriguing. Sometimes, too, short stories are exactly the right length for a particular time in one's life. Glad you enjoyed this.

    1. I find that I'm enjoying short stories now when I never did before. There are some excellent ideas that just aren't book-length, and a short story can be the perfect vehicle.

  2. Love the title, but don't usually read short stories. Should correct that.

    1. I went decades without reading short stories. I must be mellowing as I age.


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