Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Casa Kittling Dressed Up for the Holidays

In past years, I've decorated what I called my Christmas Forest. You can take a look at these earlier day and night posts. However, when trusted body parts are no longer trustworthy, some things have to be cut back. My Christmas decorating is one of the victims. In a rather odd way, I'm enjoying decorating less. In past years when I put up thirteen trees (my lucky number), I got in the habit of putting up the same decorations in the same way every year. That doesn't happen now. Even though I've greatly reduced the amount of decorations I do have, I still have plenty so that I can "rotate the stock" and do things a bit differently from one holiday season to the next. 

Denis and I have been enjoying this year's decorations, me more so because my HQ has moved from the office to the living room. As in years past, my overall theme for Christmas is Reflections. Reflections both in the play of light and in the play of memory. I've gathered up a collection of highlights of this year's decorations. I hope you enjoy them.

As you come in the front door.

Looks like the birds built some snowmen this year.

The living room by day. As you can see, I'm fond of quilts. I really like how the fireplace turned out this year-- especially the set of antique sleigh bells that I wove holly sprigs through.

There are three special knitted afghans on the daybed where I relax every afternoon. The red and white one is the first one my mother ever made. The burgundy one is a gorgeous Irish knit one, the second Mom made, and the white one (another fabulous Irish knit) was the last one she made. She gave it to my grandmother, who saved it for "Best" (which means she never used it). I'm using it!

As you can tell, the tea & coffee station is well used.

The large caroler set Mom made. It's not Christmas without this particular set being out on display.

I love firelight and candlelight.

I also like what I did for the tablescape this year.

It's been too long since the last time I displayed any of my finial collection.

I love my finial collection.

Another thing I love? The way the lights play on the tatted and crocheted snowflakes made for me by my grandmother and two special friends.

The Christmases I've experienced have run the gamut from wild and festive to quiet and contemplative. But whether they've been filled with friends or if I've been alone, I've always found something magical about them. Just looking at the reflections can take my mind miles and years away.

Happy Holidays to You All!


  1. How lovely are those displays. I remember when you had many trees decorated for Xmas. And you've scaled down! You stil have enough to open up a museum or a shop.

    Have a great time.

    1. Actually, I've downsized so much that my "shop" wouldn't be open for very long before everything was sold out. I'm seeing quite a few new decorations being advertised that-- so far-- I'm managing not to buy. The practical side of me hope it stays that way, especially since we have the bathroom remodeling to pay for.

  2. Such lovely, lovely decorations, Cathy! It's all beautiful, warm, and festive. You might have scaled back, but you've still got everything looking wonderful. Have a great holiday!

  3. It all looks really nice, Cathy. I'm happy to see that you guys are in such a festive mood this year. It's just not as easy to get into that mood as it used to be. Happy holidays to you and Denis.

  4. Love all your decorations! Especially those cute snowmen. :)

  5. I particularly like the tablescape and the place with your grandmother's snowflakes. What a talented family.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I think most of that talent boils down to being poor and not being able to afford store-bought. Tenant farmers occupy both sides of my family tree.

  6. Very talented tenant farmers at that.
    My maternal grandparents who arrived here from Eastern Europe in 1907, and while very smart and perceptive about the world, they didn't create anything artistic. But my grandmother advocated for the workers in the garment factories where she worked. She was not intimidated by anyone. And she fundraised for many Jewish cultural efforts. So they had skills, but artistry wasn't one of them. And I'm afraid I inherited that.

    1. And I'm certain that you have skills that I'd like to have but don't. It all evens out in the wash, as they used to say back on the farm.


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