Monday, October 11, 2021

Diamond and the Eye by Peter Lovesey

First Line:"Mind if I join you?" Peter Diamond's toes curled.
Antique dealer Septimus Hubbard has gone missing, and it's time for Bath homicide detective Peter Diamond to buckle up-- it's definitely going to be a bumpy ride. First of all, he's saddled with Ruby Hubbard, Septimus's daughter who hates the police. Secondly, Ruby has hired Philip Marlowe-wannabe private investigator Johnny Getz (he gets results... or so his business card says). Thirdly, Lady Bede, a perfume-saturated member of the police ethics committee, has climbed aboard to keep a mascaraed eye on things. Can Diamond's day get any worse?

Yes, it can. When a body is found in Hubbard's locked-up shop, the missing person case turns into a murder inquiry. Diamond may have a new sport called Bash Johnny Getz, but he's also got his hands full wading through lies, deceit, and the occasional car boot sale in order to find both Septimus Hubbard and a killer.


If you're in the mood for something to make you smile, chuckle, and occasionally laugh out loud, pick up Peter Lovesey's Diamond and the Eye. Not only are you going to be amused, but you're also going to have fun sorting through all the lies and false trails of this particular investigation.

As the story progresses, readers-- who may once have been firmly in Diamond's anti-Getz camp-- begin to see that Getz isn't quite the simpleton he appears to be. This charming rogue has picked up quite a few useful tips from all that Golden Age crime fiction he's read. But what's even more fun is seeing how Diamond and Getz actually start working together. 

Lovesey always finds some interesting facts in Bath's history to weave into his tales, and in Diamond and the Eye, readers will learn about car boot sales, antiques dealers, and Bath's most famous artists. I never quite realized how fascinating Bath's history is until I started following Peter Diamond around.

This may be Diamond's twentieth appearance, but Lovesey keeps it fresh. The investigation tied into Bath's history isn't enough, though. Any long-running series needs a good cast of characters, and new officer Jean Sharp is proving to be a valuable addition to Diamond's team. What's even better, Keith Halliwell, Diamond's righthand man, proves that he has the power to shock us all. 

From an investigation that kept me guessing to characters whose antics kept me laughing, Diamond and the Eye was the perfect escape. It probably will be for you, too. If you haven't sampled Lovesey's series before, don't be afraid to jump in with this one; there should be little (if any) confusion. After all, that's what I did several books ago. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself going back to enjoy previous books in the series. Peter Diamond can have that effect on you.

Diamond and the Eye by Peter Lovesey
eISBN: 9781641293136
Soho Press © 2021
eBook, 336 pages
Police Procedural, #20 Peter Diamond mystery
Rating: B+
Source: Net Galley


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Cathy. The Peter Diamond series is great - I love the main character. And I think it's one of those 'under the radar' series that you don't hear as much about as a rule.

    1. Yes. I've often wondered how and why so many excellent series can fly under the radar.

  2. I don't think I've ever read Peter Lovesey, but I see the name so often that I've been curious for a while. This sounds like a good one for me to jump in and get an idea as to whether or not I'd want to read more from him.

    1. Yes, I think it would be a good starting point. After reading this, you should definitely have a good idea if you want more Peter Diamond in your reading life.

  3. Sounds like a fun read! This is a series I haven't heard of before.

  4. I must try this book as I could use some good laughs now, and a fresh eye.


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