Thursday, July 29, 2021

The If You Have to, Have Fun Weekly Link Round-Up

Fortunately, this past week had more going for it than a yawn. Denis and I spent a few lovely hours at the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix, and I took so many photographs that it will take me several posts to share the best ones. We're members now, so there will be more trips to the Heard which is a good thing, since I was so excited over one exhibit in particular that I completely missed the room on Navajo weaving.

Now for something completely different. Over and over again, it has been impressed upon me that simple pleasures are the best. Like taking a shower sans trash bags and duct tape. Huh? Well, I've had open wounds on my leg for months, and with the type of bandaging I've had, I can't take a shower without donning a trash bag on my right leg and wrapping duct tape around the top so all the bandaging stays dry... just occurred to me that if Jeopardy! ever had a bandage category, I could probably ace it. Pro-Fore, Unna Boot, Coban 2...
While it may be one of my fondest wishes to take a shower without part of me being swathed in plastic, that's not my Here and Now. Here and now, I have to suit up before getting wet.

Well, I've got plenty of trash bags, but when I saw that I was running low on duct tape, I knew I'd have to get more.

You should've seen the look on my face when I discovered that duct tape now comes in prints! As you can see by the photo, I decided to indulge myself. No more monochromatic duct tape for me! If I have to wear plastic in the shower, I'm at least going to have fun with it.

Now I only have to decide which one I'm going to use first. Decisions, decisions!
Enjoy the links!

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  • Olympian Babe Didrikson cleared the same hurdles women athletes face today.
  • How Anthony Comstock, enemy to women of the Gilded Age, attempted to ban contraception.
  • Gilbert Vahé, the man who keeps Monet's famed gardens growing.
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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Spend some time curled up with a book. It's good for what ails you!


  1. I admire the way you turn the down side into an up side, Cathy. I think it's a really effective way to help cope with the reality of open wounds. The duct tape is really cool-looking, too! I'll take a closer look at it when I get back from that Egyptian sunken city...

  2. A great collection of duct tape! It is amazing how important adding a little to cheer to a mundane product can affect our attitude. Glad you also had the opportunity to get out and about, Cathy. :)

    1. So am I, Jen. This just getting out to see a doctor is for the birds!

  3. Oh, yes all the designs on duct tape are really fun. I've even seen purses made out of patterned duct tape.

    Lots of good links today! The one about the graph book lovers should fear is so important! If I am going to buy a book I usually try to buy somewhere other than Amazon. It's not always easy though. Sometimes sellers list their books for sale in multiple places, so even though you order from ABE or somewhere like that, it ultimately comes from Amazon.

    Glad you were able to get out to a museum and will look forward to the pictures.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. I have a Kindle, so you know where I get those books, but any physical book always comes from The Poisoned Pen Bookstore here in the Valley.

  4. Duct tape doesn't only come in gray? Wow, who knew? Thanks for all the wonderful links. I've visited a few of them already (especially liked the snow leopard) and I'll be back for more. And good luck with that leg. I hope it heals soon.

    1. We have snow leopards here at the Wildlife World Zoo that always seem to know when we're coming and they hide. One day I'm going to surprise them!

  5. I may have to buy some duct tape so I can start using those prints all around the house!

    1. I had a really difficult time narrowing down my choices... except for the cacti!

  6. The cacti design goes with my bedroom's color, so I have to look aroudn and see what I can tape in here.

  7. Where did you get the cactus duct tape? I'm looking at my bedroom, trying to figure out where to use it.


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