Monday, March 29, 2021

Murder at Wedgefield Manor by Erica Ruth Neubauer

First Line: England, 1926. One wheel of the biplane slammed into the ground, the wings tipping precariously, before the second wheel made contact and the little plane righted itself, hustling along the soft dirt track before coming to an untidy stop.
Wedgefield Manor, deep in the tranquil English countryside, is the perfect respite for Jane Wunderly and her Aunt Millie before their return to the United States. Aunt Millie is enjoying the company of her long-lost daughter, Lillian, and their host, Lord Hughes. Jane, on the other hand, finds her flying lessons exhilarating. 

Yes indeed, it's all fun and games until one of the estate mechanics dies in an automobile crash. To everyone's shock, the young man's death is no accident: the brake lines on the car were cut. But was the intended victim actually Simon? The country house is filled with suspects and targets.  Thankfully, Mr. Redvers, who helped Jane solve a mystery in Egypt, is on hand to help her because, with all the visiting relatives, secretive servants, and strangers who wander about the property at night, Jane has her hands full in bringing a killer to justice.


This is another light, fun read from Erica Ruth Neubauer. The mystery is filled with misdirection, and I loved the fact that Jane was learning to fly, which reminded me of several events and people from that time period. The only thing that slightly bothered me was Jane's romantic waffling about Mr. Redvers. The reason why her indecision didn't make me roll my eyes was that, with the experiences she had in her own marriage (she's a widow), she would be extremely hesitant to put herself in another relationship.

If you love reading light, fun country house mysteries set in the 1920s when women were beginning to enjoy more independent lives, Murder at Wedgefield Manor should certainly be your perfect cup of tea.

Murder at Wedgefield Manor by Erica Ruth Neubauer
eISBN: 9781496725905
Kensington Books © 2021
eBook, 304 pages
Historical Mystery, #2 Jane Wunderly mystery
Rating: B+
Source: Net Galley


  1. I like the cover and the time period, but I haven't read anything by this author. I like a fun mystery to balance some of the darker ones.

    1. Same here. I can't read a steady diet of dark mysteries... or light ones for that matter. I try to strike a good balance of both.

  2. I enjoyed the 1st one, so I'm glad to see good news about the sequel. Sometimes something light is just the ticket.


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