Sunday, July 19, 2020

On My Radar: Ilaria Tuti's The Sleeping Nymph

When I reviewed Ilaria Tuti's first book, Flowers Over the Inferno, featuring formidable homicide detective Teresa Battaglia, I compared her main character to Vera Stanhope and Ruth Galloway. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm a huge fan of both those women, so it will come as no shock to you that I muttered an "Oh, goody!!!" and bounced in my chair when I learned that the second Battaglia mystery was going to be released in September.

Let me tell you more about The Sleeping Nymph!

Available September 8, 2020!
In the highly anticipated follow-up to Flowers Over the Inferno, Superintendent Teresa Battaglia, expert criminal profiler with four decades of experience on the Italian police force, returns for a chilling cold case.

A decades-old murder investigation has landed on Superintendent Teresa Battaglia's desk. DNA analysis has revealed that a painting from the final days of World War II contains matter from a human heart. Teresa is able to trace the evidence to Val Resia, one of Italy’s most isolated, untouched regions.

When Teresa’s investigation hits too close to the truth, a fresh human heart is hung at the valley’s entrance, a warning not to cross its threshold. As she hunts a ruthless killer, Teresa must face down her own rapidly deteriorating physical and cognitive abilities, as well as someone she hoped never to see again—a man who has just become her supervisor.

Sounds like Teresa Battaglia has her work cut out for her, doesn't it? I'm really looking forward to reading The Sleeping Nymph, and since this is supposed to be a trilogy, it follows that I'm also anticipating how the third book will conclude Battaglia's story.


  1. This is good news, Cathy! I've been wanting to 'meet' Battaglia since I read your other review, and it's great to know that another one's coming out. I'll be interested in what you think of it!

  2. I'm glad too. Isn't it nice that women of 'a certain age' are figuring in some current mystery stories - as main characters or lead protagonists? I like that. I've had the previous book you talked about on my list and will add this one. I might possibly wait until the 3rd is published. We'll see.

    1. You can definitely have an interesting life even if you are a granny, right?

  3. Sounds good! I do like older protagonists in more serious works. Older women as main characters are more common in cozies.

  4. That does sound good! I enjoyed the first book, so this one is now on my radar also :)

  5. A fresh human heart? Too gory for me. I'd rather read 10 books with thinking dogs.

  6. I'd take Chet or dogs who sniff out disease, cadavers, evidence any day. Her first book took me to a page with terrorized children. Book closed. I was gone.


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