Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mydworth Mysteries: A Shot in the Dark by Richards & Costello

First Line: Lady Lavinia Fitzhenry turned the page of the novel she was reading-- the latest from the American, Hemingway.

It's 1929, and things are about to liven up in the sleepy market village of Mydworth just fifty miles from London. Sir Harry Mortimer is returning from his diplomatic posting in Cairo with his American wife, Kat.

No sooner have the two arrived when a jewel robbery occurs at his aunt's home, Mydworth Manor. The police may be baffled but Harry and Kat both happen to possess skills that the police lack.

This little novella is a light, fun read that holds few surprises. The setting is idyllic, the two lead characters are witty and gorgeous. The conversation sparkles. The mystery moves right along...

It may sound as though I'm damning with faint praise, but sometimes there's nothing I like better than something light and fun and short. This first Mydworth Manor fits the bill perfectly, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if I read more.

Mydworth Mysteries: A Shot in the Dark by Neil Richards & Matthew Costello
eISBN: 9783732569533
Bastei Entertainment © 2019
eBook, 142 pages

Historical Mystery, #1 Mydworth Mystery
Rating: B
Source: Purchased from Amazon.



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