Sunday, October 06, 2019

September 2019 Additions to My eBook Stockpile

Another month has flown by and I've continued to feather my literary nest...err... add to my eBook stockpile. I find myself periodically going through the collections I've created on my Kindle to remind myself of all the goodies I have on it. This eReader is such a godsend when I think of all the problems I used to have when I had to pack for long trips. Naturally, I chose the books I was going to take first and then I started thinking about clothes. Now all I need is my Kindle and a charger, and with the new Kindles having longer battery life, they are the perfect traveling companion. Outside of Denis, that is.

Let's take a look at the books I downloaded during the month of September. I've grouped them according to genre/subgenre, and if you want to know more about a title, just click on it. You'll be taken to Amazon to learn more, but beware! If you decide to buy the book, the link I provide is from Amazon US, so it won't work for you if you're one of my readers from outside the US. Why do I link to Amazon? Am I affiliated with them? No. I just own one (make that two) of their Kindles.

Let's see all the books that tickled my fancy in September!


Trust Me by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Set in Massachusetts.
The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton. Set in England.
The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton. Set in Michigan.
 The Institute by Stephen King. Set in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Maine.

~~~Short Stories~~~

The Detection Collection edited by Simon Brett. Set in various locations.
Detective Kubu Investigates 2 by Michael Stanley. Set in Botswana.
Far from Home by Walter Tevis. SciFi set in various locations.

~~~Police Procedurals~~~

Flash by Donna Ball. Set in Florida.
Moonshadow Murder by Rich Curtin. Set in Utah.
The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler. Set in Sweden.
The Last Enemy by Grace Brophy. Set in Italy.

~~~Private Investigators~~~

Greasing the PiƱata by Tim Maleeny. Set in Mexico.

~~~Historical Fiction~~~

A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline. Set in Maine.


~~~Amateur Sleuths~~~

The Clincher by Lisa Preston. Set in Oregon.
Off the Record by Diana Kilpatrick. Set in Idaho.

~~~Historical Mysteries~~~

A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas. Set in England.
Mydworth Mysteries: A Shot in the Dark by Matthew Costello & Neil Richards. Set in England.
A Death of No Importance by Mariah Fredericks. Set in New York City.
The New Colossus by Marshall Goldberg. Set in New York.

You know I have to ask. Did any of these books tickle your fancy? Which one(s)? Or... have you already read any of them? What did you think? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. Oh, those all look great, Cathy! There are about half a dozen there that I want to add to my own stockpile (If I ever get through the ones I already have *sigh*).

    1. The point is to never get through the ones you already have, Margot. It's not just a stockpile, it's a literary security blanket, and who wants to lose their security blanket? ;-)

  2. I see a few I may end up adding to my Kindle. I have the hardcover of Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt waiting for me to read.

    1. For some reason, I'm saving that one. I'm not sure why I am, but one of these days, it will hit me and I'll know that it's time to read Dogtripping. Weird, huh?

  3. I've read TRUST ME and A STUDY IN SCARLET WOMEN. And I own a few more. I really liked both the ones I've read. Sherry Thomas is coming out with #4 in that Lady Sherlock series very soon. Very much looking forward to it! Hope you enjoy all these!

    1. Sherry Thomas will be at The Poisoned Pen again, so when the first book came up a bargain price, I took the plunge.

  4. I've already read The Clincher, and A Study in Scarlet Women, and look forward to your thoughts (and the report on Sherry Thomas's Poisoned Pen visit!). Now I'm off to look into *all* of the police procedural titles you listed :)

    1. I hate to say this, Kate, but I won't be going to see Sherry Thomas. Maybe on her next visit... (I hope!)

    2. Oh, well, it's always nice to have more to look forward to ...

    3. I'm looking forward to the day when Denis retires. We may just park an RV in their parking lot!

  5. I don't know of nearly all of these books. Will wait for your reviews before getting any.
    Did you read or will you read Adrian McKinty's "The Chain?" I've been seeing reviews around the Internet. It looks good and terrifying, but I'm a bit wary as it involves children in danger.

    1. I've read about The Chain, but it just hasn't grabbed me as something I must read.

  6. A Study in Scarlet Women was great fun. The New Colossus was fascinating for its history. I just checked my my review and remembered that I wasn't that impressed with the fictional portion, but gave it a 4/5 because I so enjoyed the historical content. Weird.

    1. I've done the same thing a time or two. Not everyone may understand it, but I do!

  7. Oh, this is so wonderful! SO thrilled you enjoyed TRUST ME! Hurray!


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