Sunday, February 03, 2019

January 2019 Additions to My eBook Stockpile

I'll be straight with you right up front. I went a little nuts during the month of January. But, but... I had all those gift cards from Christmas and my birthday and my anniversary! Yes, I did spend gift cards on other things besides books for my Kindle, but I did splurge on several titles that were sitting on my wishlist, crying out for me to buy them.

Here's a rundown of what's new on my Kindle, listed by genre/subgenre. Click on any of the titles if you'd like to know more about the book.


An American Princess: The Many Lives of Allene Tew by Annejet van der Zijl (various locations around the world)

To Sir, With Love by E.R. Braithwaite (England)


Camanchaca by Diego Zúñiga (Chile)

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell by Robert Dugoni (various locations around the world)

Historical Mysteries

The Betel Nut Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu (1930s Singapore)

Black Out by John Lawton (1940s London)

The Widows by Jess Montgomery (1920s Ohio)

Police Procedurals

Carrion Comfort by Aline Templeton (Scotland)

Rupture by Ragnar Jónasson (Iceland)

Winding Up the Serpent by Priscilla Masters (England)

Slipknot by Priscilla Masters (England)

Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves (Scotland)

Death at Sea by Andrea Camilleri (Italy)

Salt Lane by William Shaw (England)

A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames (Texas)

She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge (England)



Scrublands by Chris Hammer (Australia)

The German Suitcase by Greg Dinallo (various locations around the world)

A String of Beads by Thomas Perry (New York state)

Red Gold by Robert D. Kidera (New Mexico)

Crimson Lake by Candice Fox (Australia)

Short Stories

An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten (Sweden)

The Gospel of Sheba by Lyndsay Faye (unknown)

Cozy Mystery

Death and a Pot of Chowder by Cornelia Kidd (Maine)

With so much good reading waiting for me, there's only one thing to say--

Must. Read. Faster.


  1. So many books look good (sigh). More books to add to the TBR volumes. I have Scrublands and the Tursten stories on libray hold.
    Is Salt Lane the follow-up to The Birdwatcher? Inquiring minds want to know.
    So many good ones here to look up and/or wait for reviews here.

    1. Yes, Salt Lane is the follow-up to The Birdwatcher.

  2. I see Salt Lane does follow The Birdwatcher. That and The Widows catch my attention.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading The Widows. What am I saying? I'm looking forward to reading all of them, but with a little added extra anticipation for Montgomery's book.

  3. What a great bunch of books, Cathy! Hope you enjoy each and every one of them. LOL!! Good luck with that! ;-)

  4. You've got some great additions, Cathy! So glad to see the Braithwaite there. I loved that book, and I hope you will, too. At the very least, it's not long...

    1. I was lured to the Braithwaite due to another favorite movie.

  5. I want Carrion Comfort because I love Gerard Manley Hopkins and his poem. I liked Salt Lane, Wildfire, and Scrublands, and now so many more to add to the list.

    1. I'm looking forward to Carrion Comfort because I enjoyed the first book in the series, and also because I love Templeton's idea for the series (a special crime unit traveling to all the little burgs in Scotland-- I LOVE Scotland).

  6. Oh, Templeton's books go to little burgs in Scotland. I love that, too.
    Val McDermid's Karen Pirie books are set in Fife, the last one on the Firth of Forth. Beautiful descriptions sent me googling the gorgeous region. And in that book Pirie also travels to the highlands, with mention of lots of towns.

  7. A Darker Domain, with Karen Pirie, has a lot of beautiful sites. The characters go to Wyemss, on the Firth of Forth. It is the site of ancient caves, inhabited for 5,000 years. I took a virtual tour of the caves there and saw etchings on the wall. So, mystery fiction can send us to learn more.

  8. Well, I'm about to finish the domestic noir I got hooked on and start The Paragon Hotel. Then I got a library email that Salt Lane and The Widows are waiting for me.
    A dilemma! But the kind of dilemma readers everywhere love, especially in February.


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