Monday, November 12, 2018

Blood Is Blood by Will Thomas

First Line: I detest Mondays with all my soul.

One of the problems with being renowned private enquiry agents is that you soon acquire powerful enemies. This is what has happened to Cyrus Barker and his associate, Thomas Llewelyn. Their London offices are bombed, severely injuring Barker and sending him to the hospital. This leaves Llewelyn alone to find the bomber two weeks before his own wedding.

It doesn't help when Barker's brother, Caleb, shows up on the rubble of their doorstep. There's something about Caleb that Thomas doesn't trust, and that distrust only grows when Cyrus regains consciousness and warns him about his brother.

Thomas agrees to Caleb's help since he does have a new case, but winnowing down that enemy list of theirs must take priority: one by one, those enemies are dying, Thomas's life is in danger, and his bride-to-be is having serious second thoughts about their marriage.

With Barker in the hospital, this is the first time that young Thomas Llewelyn is in total charge of an investigation, and-- wouldn't you know it-- it's a case in which both their lives are in grave danger. He needs help, but the only help he can get is from Barker's brother, Caleb, who seems to have spent most of his time in the United States-- much of it as a Pinkerton agent. This could be good news, but Caleb has a nasty habit of disappearing all the time, and the U.S. Embassy is after him and Thomas doesn't know why.

Blood Is Blood is a very strange and complex mystery, with danger appearing unexpectedly from any and all directions. Will Thomas knows how to make readers wish they had eyes in the backs of their heads. I did enjoy the mystery very much, and it wasn't easy to determine if Caleb Barker was a good guy or a bad one. The only small problem I had with the story is that-- even after six years and everything he's been through-- I thought Thomas Llewelyn didn't perform all that well as the one in charge of the investigation. He took too many things at face value and as a result, put those closest to him in danger.

But that is a small irritation in this latest book in one of my favorite historical mystery series. Will Thomas always puts me right in the heart of Victorian London with his fast-paced, heart-thumping mysteries and strong main characters. Once again, I'm left waiting to see where he takes me next. Wherever it is, I know I will enjoy the journey.

Blood Is Blood by Will Thomas
eISBN: 9781250170392
Minotaur Books © 2018
eBook, 320 pages

Historical Mystery, #10 Barker & Llewelyn mystery
Rating: B+
Source: Net Galley



  1. This is, in my opinion, a solid series, Cathy. I like Thomas' way of evoking the London of that era. And the interplay between Barker and LLewelyn works well, I think.

  2. Another series that I've noticed, heard good things about, and have not sampled as yet.

    1. The more you read, the more you get behind, eh? I just don't think about it anymore! LOL


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