Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Art Buffer: Kimberly Eaton's A Good Read

"A Good Read" by Kimberly Eaton

You know... paintings of women reading are much easier to stumble across than ones of men doing the same thing, which is probably why this particular one caught my eye. Do you know what I love about it? The smile on the man's face as he's reading.

And the book lover in me would love to know the title of the book!


  1. I love that smile, too, Cathy! There's something about a great book, and it's clear on that man's face.

  2. Yes to his smile. Yes to enjoying his enjoyment of the book. Yes to wanting to know which book.

    I just purred my way through Sara Paretsky's "Shell Game."

    1. The man in the painting almost looks as though he's purring, too.

  3. Yes, he does. And I'm now reading Kate Atkinson's "Transcription," and I don't know what to make of it.

    Polite, very British, about a young woman recruited by MI5 to infiltrate and report on a group of pro-Nazi sympathizers in England in 1940. Everyone speaks so politely, that it's strange. It's like, "Let's have some tea and cakes," while they bash the Jews.

    As someone who had relatives who fled anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia in the early 1900's, it still makes my skin crawl to see that, even though it's wrapped in nice, polite language in British social circles. It's strange.

    But it's light and witty and a quick read. So I'm reading it. It would be an escape, except for the Nazi sympathizers and anti-Semitism, which still stings. Kate Atkinson is a good writer.


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