Friday, November 23, 2018

A Happy Thanksgiving Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm not going to blather on about my week today. Pretty boring stuff, actually. More doctor's appointments in preparation for my second cataract surgery next Tuesday, haircuts, blah, blah, blah. The most important thing this week has been Thanksgiving and the profound thankfulness I feel for all my many blessings.

Enjoy the links, my friends. You're the best!

►Books & Other Interesting Tidbits◄

►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄

►Channeling My Inner Elly Mae Clampett◄
  • The bison returns to the American Great Plains. 
  • A lioness killed the father of her cubs in a rare attack at the Indianapolis Zoo.
  • Crafty New Caledonian crows can assemble tools. 
  • How many squirrels are in Central Park?
  • Meet Africa's newest crocodile species.

►The Happy Wanderer◄

►Fascinating Folk◄

►I ♥ Lists & Quizzes◄

That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a great weekend, and read something fabulous!


  1. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Cathy! And I hope your surgery will go well. Now, I'm off to that shipwreck. But wait! That Holocaust diary is sooo intriguing. And that medieval book. I'm spoiled for choice this time!

    1. Decisions, decisions! ;-) That medieval book is fascinating.


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