Sunday, July 29, 2018

On My Radar: The Poisoned Pen's Rebusfest!

Normally when I write an "On My Radar" post, I'm telling you about a book that I can't wait to get my hands on. This time I thought I would shake things up a bit and tell you about a conference that I can't wait to attend. What conference is it? I thought you'd never ask!

I love the folks at The Poisoned Pen. This time they've cooked up a conference for the Labor Day weekend that involves authors who live locally as well as authors associated with Soho Press and the Poisoned Pen Press, and it's a celebration of Ian Rankin's thirty years of publishing here in the US. For two whole days-- September 2 and 3-- I'll be able to rub elbows with several of my favorite authors in a very swanky setting: the Arizona Biltmore. Here are some more details...

The hosts of this "Rebusfest" are Hank Phillippi Ryan, James Sallis, and Dana Stabenow. There will be a concert Sunday night with James Sallis and his band, Three-Legged Dog. Book signings, swag, a possible editors'  panel... and here is the current list of authors attending:

There will be panels both days with topics such as The History Beat, The City Beat, Three PIs and the Bishop's Wife, The International Beat, Researching Your Beat, Sleuths and the Media, The Burglar vs Cops and a Lawyer, and Unconventional Women.

Dana Stabenow and John Straley will talk about Alaskan mysteries, and Mary Anna Evans will tell us about her Christie research project.  Hank Phillippi Ryan will host an Agatha Christie tea, and at the very end of the two days, James Sallis will interview Ian Rankin about his career and Scottish literature.

I'll bet it's no surprise now why I'm really looking forward to this, and I'm glad that I could talk Denis into attending, too, so he can find out firsthand what I get up to at a conference like this. (I did tell him that if he got bored, he could wander around the Biltmore and take photos that I can include in my write-up.)

The only thing that bugs me is the fact that this takes place shortly after one of my eye surgeries, but guess what? If I'm still wearing an eye patch, I'll find a gold hoop earring, boots, a cutlass and a tricorne hat and tell everyone it's Dress As Your Favorite Pirate Day! (On second thought, perhaps I'd better tone it down a bit or I'll wind up on the International Beat panel...)

Those are our plans for the Labor Day weekend. What plans do you have? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. I get the Soho newsletter/email and had heard about this event, it sounds wonderful! My father in law's bday will fall over Labor Day weekend, so I see cake in my weekend plans!

  2. Oh, quite an event, Cathy!! It sounds like a great lineup, and I know you'll enjoy it.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you are going to this and will also give us your 'birds eye' view. Ha! I mentioned 'eye'! OK, OK. I thought about trying to go, but just couldn't work it into our other plans. We'll be on a trip to NM right up through that weekend and then have other family things going on. So, I can't be there. But, I'll be there in spirit. It sounds wonderful! And if you have eye-patch dress-up, get Denis to take a picture of you and at least send it to me by email. ;-)

    1. There may (or may not) be photographic evidence. I can't promise anything!

  4. Wow! I am impressed and green with envy.

    Can't wait for your write-up of the weekend's events, authors' talks, experiences, new books purchased, etc.

    I will, hopefully, be reading in my a/c apartment, watching mysteries and eating frozen yogurt and drinking iced tea. Very exciting, I know, but it's OK with me.

  5. Cathy, I'm looking forward to being there as well. Please introduce yourself to me!!! Thomas Kies

    1. Hi, Thomas-- looking forward to meeting you!


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