Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Daisy at Camp Verde

Knowing that a big weather front was due to move through the northern part of Arizona meant that we had to get up to Camp Verde ahead of any possible snow or rain. Daisy had been most enthusiastic about trying out the ziplines at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, and since Montezuma's Castle was right on the other side of Interstate 17, we were going there, too. Camp Verde is in a history-filled area, and it's also right in the neighborhood of Sedona and Jerome. I've often thought that it would be a nice place to live-- especially since it has a river flowing through it that actually has water in it (the Verde River). Only riverbeds with water in them surprise me now, desert dweller that I am.

Anyway, I've chosen a dozen photos of that day to share with you. We also came away with some good videos, but I've had mixed results (mostly bad) posting videos here on the blog, so I'm leaving them out. Hope you enjoy the day's journey!

Daisy at Montezuma's Castle

Daisy checking out the lower ruins

Out of Africa Wildlife Park entrance

You can explore the grounds in comfort.

Although you could get up close and personal with a giraffe!

Tiger Splash is a very popular attraction.

I'd rather be in the pool with the tiger than go zip lining!

Lions catching some rays.

With the zip line tower in the background, this lioness looks as though she's waiting for lunch.

More of the zip line towers. The stairs alone would do me in!

Daisy the Zip Line Queen

She didn't enjoy herself at all. Nope. Not one little bit!

As for you, which will it be? On the zip lines with Daisy, or in the pool with the tigers and me?


  1. Those are fantastic pictures, Cathy - thanks for sharing. I'm so happy that you and Daisy had such a great time. And OOA look like a wonderful wildlife park.

    1. It's nice that a small place like Camp Verde has a gem like this, although I seem to remember that it was once down here in the Phoenix metro area. Denis just confirmed it-- it was in Scottsdale.

  2. Hmmm...lions and tigers, but no bears? Ha! Zip lining is not for me. However, I do like seeing the animals, but maybe not being in the pool with them. Where's the bookstore? LOL

    1. But one of them is a much smaller cub, Kay. Limiting myself to twelve photos meant that the littler cub and the bears didn't make the cut!

      The last time Denis and I were staying up in that area for an extended period, Camp Verde didn't have a bookstore. We'd have to drive over to Sedona to check out The Worm and The Literate Lizard-- what a hardship! LOL

  3. I'd rather be in the water with the tiger than on a zip line. I'm scared of heights.

    1. Heights sometimes bother me, but what would prevent the 2018 version of me from ziplining are all the stairs up to the top of those towers! (Yes, I know I wouldn't have to climb up to each tower. Just one would do me in!)

  4. Wonderful photos of nature and animals.

    But Daisy is a brave young woman! And she's enjoying the zip line! Yikes! I'd be having iced tea in the shade instead, perhaps with a book.

  5. I love zoos. Have been to many, but walking around. Or in Florida, riding a semi-train around miles of zoo or other animal enclosures. Or standing on a bridge, looking at tigers swimming below.

    It's the zip lines I don't like. Want to be on terra firma.


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