Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On My Radar: David Rosenfelt's Outfoxed

There are all sorts of ways that books wind up on my radar, and I thought I would tell you about this particular time. I do most of the work on my blog between midnight and 3 AM, but if I ever have any time left over, I work on The Poisoned Pen Bookstore's Pinterest boards.

I was busily pinning the July staff picks when I came to a screeching halt at one of Barbara Peters' choices. I looked at that cover. I got a huge smile on my face. And I laughed. Now I know that Barbara Peters does not choose her reading by looking at the book covers, but this one book cover made me decide to read a new-to-me mystery series. 

What was this jaw-dropping, spend-money-inducing cover? Here, take a look....

Available July 19th!

It's the latest David Rosenfelt mystery, Outfoxed. I will admit that if you're not a dog lover, this cover is bound to be a big yawn for you. However, I am a dog lover, and so is Barbara Peters. Peters has a Wire-haired Fox Terrier-- just like the dog on this cover-- named Odin, and I used to have two named Tommy and Zack. (They would take me for a nightly drag around the neighborhood.)

Look at that tree-lined path. Nice place for a walk, eh? There's a man way up ahead. Does he belong to the dog? And that dog... it's almost as if he's trying to tell us to hurry up. Wire-haired Fox Terriers have personalities that are larger than life, and the person who created this book cover certainly captured that.

Rosenfelt will be appearing at The Poisoned Pen next month to sign Outfoxed. Guess who'll be buying a copy to have it autographed?

Now be honest-- does this cover appeal to you at all? Inquiring minds would love to know!

Tommy & Zack loved the pool as much as I do.



  1. I like David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter stories, Cathy. There's wit in them, solid stories, and so on. And dogs. And yet, the dogs don't behave in ways that dogs don't naturally do. They don't run around solving crimes. The stories are a lot more believable than that. Hope you'll enjoy this one if you get to it.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Margot. With the endorsements of you and Barbara, I'm definitely going to give the series a try.

  2. I love the cover of this one but I am also a dog lover.

    I've read only one book in this series (Play Dead) and it was 10 years ago, but I thought these books featured a golden retriever.

    Beautiful Fox Terrier though. :-)

    1. Each book may feature a different dog, Debbie. I ran across a brief description of the series that said he was a lawyer who also did some work in a shelter for dogs.

  3. I read several of his Andy Carpenter books. Andy has a golden retriever and he sets up a foundation for abandoned dogs.

    David Rosenfelt and his spouse have rescued 4,000 golden retrievers and found them homes. They set up the Tara Foundation,named for a golden retriever hey had. They also have kept older and disabled dogs of all breeds. He had photos up at his website of the dogs in his California house. It was madness; dogs on the coffee table, couch, chairs, everywhere, mostly goldens, but some others, too.

    Then they moved with several vehicles and volunteers all of the dogs to Maine. They still have many dogs. There are probably photos up at his blog or Facebook page.

    His books have a lot of fun and humor and love of dogs. He's also written stand-alone thrillers.

    is the author's blog explaining his history and has photos of his doggy life-style, including the trip to Maine.

  5. Thanks for all the info and for the link, Kathy!


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