Friday, June 03, 2016

The Winners of My Recommended Shelf Giveaway!

Actually... make that Giveaway Winners. There are twelve winners of the books from my Recommended Shelf. Want to know who they are? Of course you do!

Twelve books up for grabs, and twelve winners. Here we go!

The winner of Craig Johnson's The Highwayman is Martha D. of Texas.

The winner of Mark Douglas-Home's The Sea Detective is Kathleen R. of New York.

The winner of Larry D. Sweazy's See Also Murder is Annette D. of North Dakota.

The winner of Blaize and John Clement's The Cat Sitter's Whiskers is Judy B. of Wyoming.

The winner of Marla Cooper's Terror in Taffeta is Pamela H. of Arizona.

The winner of Gary Corby's The Singer from Memphis is Kelly D. of California.

The winner of Hannah Dennison's A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall is Liz H. of Arizona.

The winner of Kwei Quartey's Gold of Our Fathers is Andrea Z. of Arizona.

The winner of Tim Hallinan's King Maybe is Virginia D. of Arizona.

The winner of Elly Griffiths' The Woman in Blue is Julia H. of Minnesota.

The winner of S.D. Sykes' The Butcher Bird is Catherine W. of Ohio.

The winner of Ausma Zehanat Khan's The Unquiet Dead is Kate L. of North Carolina.

Congratulations to all you lucky winners-- you have some mighty fine reading ahead of you! My niece Daisy helped me package all the books and get them in the mail before she went shopping. Hopefully our fair English rose doesn't melt in the heat!


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