Friday, November 27, 2015

A Very Thankful Weekly Link Round-Up

Almost as good as a box of books!
I sincerely hope that you are all enjoying Thanksgiving weekend with loved ones. If you are unable to, please know that I have been there, too, and I know exactly how rotten it can be.

One of the countless things I have to be thankful for is the continued readership (and friendship) of all of you. There are times that I think it would be so much simpler to just read books and update my Goodreads account from time to time, but you folks are incredibly attuned to my wavelength somehow because every time I start feeling like that, I'll get an email from one of you telling me how much you've enjoyed reading a book I recommended, or how much you enjoy the blog in general. Thank you. All of you.

I'm well into my winter knitting projects, and the box filled with yarn is just part of the amount that I need for them. I have three projects: a poncho for a niece, a quilt-sized coverlet for a double bed, and another quilt-sized coverlet for a king bed. By the time I get these two coverlets done, I'm going to have the most incredible set of biceps you've ever seen!

Speaking of muscles, I'd better use a few to get all this week's links rounded up. Head 'em up! Mooooove 'em out!

►Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits◄
  • How to weed your bookshelves
  • The Vulgar Tongue: a dictionary of filthy words. This article reminded me of one of my all-time favorite book purchases, The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, which is a reprint of the original edition. It's all about the slang of the day, and is always enlightening, sometimes nauseating, and often hilarious reading.
  • A Denver bookstore named Isis has become a target of vandelism again. (If these yahoos read books instead of throwing bricks and paint....) 
  • Taylor Swift is partnering with Scholastic to donate 25,000 books.
  • An oral history of Stephen King's It. (This book is a favorite of mine. It put into words why I've always felt on edge around clowns!) 
  • The New York Review of Books archive has been acquired by the New York Public Library. 
  • Can we guess how old you are based on your favorite books? (This quiz didn't do all that well with me, making me twenty years younger. I do appreciate the thought, however!)
  • One of the more interesting quizzes I've run across recently: How does the way you read compare to everyone else? 
  • New looks for old books: why classics are getting makeovers
  • This chemical compound could melt away cataracts
  • A perfume from Victoria's Secret works great as a mosquito repellent. (Since I'm allergic to almost all perfume, it would probably do a fantastic job of repelling me as well!)
  • This video reveals why people in old movies talk funny.
  • Loved this video of actors from the Golden Era of movies dancing to "Uptown Funk"!
  • The architecture of the book.  
  • Literature versus genre is a battle where both sides lose. 
  • People are mad that Oxford Dictionary's word of the year is an emoji. (I'm so up on emojis that when I took a Facebook quiz in which I had to identify 14 of them, I only got one correct!)
  • The hardest book cover quiz you'll ever take. 
  • Janet Evanovich was at The Poisoned Pen, so I thought you might like to watch the video of her appearance. 

►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄
  • The more things change, the more they remain the same: What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II.
  • An ancient board game has been found in a looted tomb in China. 
  • A toenail hoard (love the term!) of 500 coin clippings has been found in England's Forest of Dean. 
  • A hoard of Roman coins has been found in a molehill in a farmer's cherry orchard in Switzerland. 
  • A brief history of plaid
  • A trove of Holocaust documents long thought to be destroyed have been unearthed in an apartment in Budapest.
  • Get reintroduced to Rosa Parks as a new archive reveals the woman behind the boycott.
  • The history of hazardous clothing in pictures. 

►Channeling My Inner Elly Mae Clampett◄

►The Happy Wanderer◄

►I ♥ Lists◄

That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!

Have a great weekend, and read something fabulous!


  1. We love your blog, Cathy; and I, for one, am very glad you post :-) . Thanks, too, for the links. I'm intrigued by the ancient board game. One view of Jumanji was enough to make me wary of playing old games, but perhaps this one is different. ;-)


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