Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Sulphur Springs Valley Weekly Link Round-Up

One week later and my afghan has gained at least three feet in length, and Denis and I have celebrated another wedding anniversary. A relaxing week down in our favorite cottage in the Mule Mountains outside of Bisbee, Arizona, just north of the Mexican border was just what we needed. We got to see some beautiful sunsets, I went bananas shopping for yarn, and we drove over to Whitewater Draw to see all the sandhill cranes. We also had to make an extra trip to the grocery store because we had two deer coming right up to the cottage because they found apples to be irresistible. From the looks of the ground we may also have been visited by a javalina or two. I also saw a pair of titmice from the bathroom window. One of the reasons why I love this place is its wildlife.

Sandhill cranes at Whitewater Draw

The Sulphur Springs Valley is one of the premier birding spots in the world, and I can see why. Every time we go to Whitewater Draw, I see a species of bird that I've never seen before. You might want to open the photo above in a new window so you can see the detail better. Well over 20,000 sandhill cranes come to winter in the Sulphur Springs Valley each year. They like to go out to feed early in the morning and come back to their roosting sites for an afternoon nap. They then go out to feed again, and then you can watch them come in for the night as the sun sets behind the mountains. Once you've heard the calls of sandhill cranes, you will never forget the sound. There's a lot more to Cochise County, Arizona than Tombstone, gold/silver/copper mining, and Geronimo and Cochise!

Oops... I did manage to come home and rustle up some links for y'all, so I'd best get to it. Head 'em up! Move 'em out!

Books & Other Interesting Tidbits

Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones

I  ♥  Lists

That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a wonderful weekend. Read something fabulous!


  1. OK, I could go for a sequel to Stieg Larsson's books. I've been waiting to see if someone would do that.

    And I loved the literary moments on TV. I totally remembered the Friends episode where Joey explains to Rachel about putting the Stephen King book in the freezer when it got too scary. Then he does that with LITTLE WOMEN when Beth dies. LOL

    1. I've been waiting to see if someone would write a sequel, too, Kay.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Cathy! Glad that you had a good trip to Bisbee. It all sounds terrific. So do those links. You know, I've always been a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan :-). And now I have to check out telephones in literature; may do a post on that topic on my blog...

    1. I, too, have been a LIW fan since I was knee-high. I went straight from board books to Thorton Burgess and Laura Ingalls Wilder-- and it doesn't matter a bit to me if she wrote her own books or if her daughter Rose helped her. They are marvelous stories that needed to be shared.


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