Friday, January 02, 2015

A Happy 2015 Weekly Link Round-Up

A short and sweet intro to the links this week--

All the very best to you and yours this bright and sparkly new year. All the best in health, in happiness, and most definitely in books. It's been an absolute pleasure to get to know many of you through emails. I hope I'll become acquainted with even more of you throughout the coming year. 

I have no idea what trails of clues I'll be following this year in the books I'll be reading, but I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you. Thank you, my friends!

Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits
  • The Texas movie set used by John Wayne is slowly fading away.
  • Certain detractors have been trying to kick the U.S. Postal Service to the curb for years, but I don't think they've really thought through all the repercussions.
  • I love it when Rush Limbaugh goes into a snit. This time he's frothing at the mouth because he found out some movie execs are considering Idris Elba as the next James Bond. Why? Because Elba is black. Personally I think the idea has some merit because (1) I've seen Elba act. He's good. He's also very easy on the eyes. And (2) the Bond franchise has been limping along for years, and this may be just the thing to shake it up and make us want to watch a Bond film again. (As long as they don't forget they have to work on the writing, too.)
  • Why airlines want to make you suffer. 
  • Not all of us keep every single book that crosses our path. There's nothing wrong with doing that, it's just a matter of space. If you've had a bit of a clear-out and have books you'd like to donate, here are some places to consider. 
  • A sloppy BBC article has drawn the ire of the eReader world. 
  • 10 public libraries in the US and Canada surpass 1 million eBook downloads.
  • Some authors are being KO'd by Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited program.

Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones

The Happy Wanderer
  • From 25 of the most wonderful roads in the world to 13 roads that will drive you crazy, I'm in the mood to take a spin. (I'll even go for a drive down the ones I'm already familiar with!)
  • 15 famous landmarks zoomed out to show their surroundings. It's all about perspective....
  • 25 reasons why Scotland must be on your bucket list. (Believe me, there's a lot more than 25 reasons-- this article leaves out a lot of good'uns!)
  • 20 pictures about the earth that will blow your mind.

Book Candy

I  ♥  Lists

That's all for now. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a Wonderful Weekend and a fantastic New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Cathy! All the best to you and Denis. Thanks as ever for these great links. I love it when archaeologists find things that completely re-shape our thinking (like those tools). And I would love to visit Scotland...

    1. It's easy to see that we love the same sort of links, Margot!

  2. Happy New Year, Cathy!! Thanks for so many great links.

    1. You're welcome, Jennifer! I'm glad you enjoy them.

  3. Hey Cathy, how have you been? Wanted to stop by and tell you I am coming back into the blogging world. I have missed it so much. And have missed hearing about what all have been reading and doing. As you are one of the few bloggers that I've actually met face to face, I couldn't leave you out. Happy New Year to you! We intended to visit Scottsdale in February, but have had to cancel the trip. Maybe next year. I was sad as I'd already planned to see Lisa Gardner and Tess Gerritsen.

    I've got a new blog - kay's reading life - and I invite you to stop by and talk anytime you'd like. I plan to keep it easy and nonstressful, while still talking about books that touched me in some way. Taking a look at your blog, you've certainly done a good job of letting us know what's going on in my favorite bookstore! Well done. Take care and again, so glad to be in contact again.

    1. I am so glad to see you, Kay! You better believe I'm going to scurry right on over to Kay's Reading Life!

  4. Ah, KU. It would be so tempting to say "Told you so". Serializing stories is an old idea that apparently is coming into its own again there, but the loss of income as Amazon uses you as a loss leader was foreseen by many, many people.

    1. Unfortunately, I can't say that I was very surprised by this either, Pepper.


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