Monday, December 29, 2014

What Extra Room in the House Are You?

You Are the Study


You are a total brain, and you don't stop learning just because work or school is over. You find little more relaxing than a good book, and you wouldn't mind a room stocked full of interesting reading.

You aren't just a bookworm - you're a full on intellectual. You may do a lot of interesting writing and thinking in that study as well. The world is fascinating to you, and you are often quite content to quietly learn about it in the comfort of your own home. 



  1. I am the study, too. This is how it's been for years, but in my younger days, I would have been more adventurous, biking, hiking, and doing more. But in addition to reading books, reading excellent crime fiction blogs like this one is another way to unwind.

    1. And I'm glad you visit often, Kathy. My adventurousness seems to go in fits and starts anymore. I need to do something about that....


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