Monday, October 20, 2014

Where Should You Travel To?

You Should Travel to Africa


You are ready for a grand adventure, and you're not afraid to get off the beaten path completely. You are ready to immerse yourself in nature, thrills, and very foreign lands. You want to experience culture shock.

Whether you're hanging out in Cape Town by the beach or going on a week long safari, you'll love the journey that is Africa. You're looking for a trip that will change your perspective (and your life), and Africa is the perfect place to do just that! 



  1. I should travel to Europe - I've been there but would like to see more so I agree with this one!

    When it comes to culture, you like what's old fashioned and classic. And you love history.
    You are the type to enjoy an old fashioned European vacation at a very slow pace. You want to savor every moment.

    You will feel at home lounging at sidewalk cafes and strolling along moonlight rivers. You can't imagine a better way to live.
    You may even be inspired to make your new home in a quaint European neighborhood... and to make some great art.

    1. Who could see everything there was to see in Europe in just one trip?

  2. I did this one and it first said Africa, but when I read the description, it's not me. I'm not that adventurous, and I like cafes and inns and history and art. So, I redid it and got Europe,and this description is more me. I can imagine myself walking in Tuscany, eating at a wonderful restaurant, looking at art, etc.

    This reminds me that two friends just went to South Africa. They loved Capetown and traveling around. They had a close call, though. The guide told them not to make any sudden moves or put any limbs outside of the van. There was a mama leopard with her cub. One friend wanted to take a photo, and asked her spouse to move some leaves out of the way. He reached his arm out and did so. He said the leopard looked at him, and was ready to pounce. Luckily, they got away, and got a lecture from the guide.

    Now, this isn't my idea of a relaxing vacation. Italy, France, that's my speed.

    1. Sounds to me like they deserved the guide's lecture. I would've loved to have had a photo of that, but I know there are moments that are only meant to be memories of the heart. Knowing that wild mothers are extremely protective of their young, I think I would've sat quietly and just absorbed the experience.

  3. Well, if my friend sends me a photo, I'll email it to you. They had a great time though.
    I like to know about this from afar. I watch plenty of videos about animals in the wild, and I respect the way they live. I know many human mama bears, too.

    But I'd rather vacation like my father did. One of his favorite experiences was sitting in a cafe outside, overlooking the Danube River in Budapest, drinking coffee and eating pastry ... my kind of travel.

    1. Don't get the idea that I like to put life and limb on the line each time I travel. Not my idea of fun at all! In fact, I could be quite happy throwing in a Budapest experience like your father's. :-)


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