Monday, September 29, 2014

What Part of Italy Are You?

You Are Venice


You are a true romantic, and you appreciate a slower, more old fashioned pace of life. You like to travel, but you don't need to see the world all at once. You are content to stay in one place for a while.

You appreciate culture, art, and history. You like to dig deep and discover the things that aren't in books. You are a dreamer, and you love to be inspired. In the perfect setting, you feel anything is possible. 



  1. First, I turned out to be History, didn't know this was a part of Italy! Yes, I do like history but not exclusively. I also like Italian food, the language, the countryside, Venice, Florence, etc.

    So, I redid two answers and it came out that I'm Tuscany! I guess because I checked off art instead of history as what I'd like to see in Italy.

    What a superficial puzzle. I'm glad we don't live by its answers. I think I'll go eat a pink of gelato while reading a Guido Brunetti book set in Venice and yell Fantastico or Incredible every few pages.

  2. I meant a pink of gelato!


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