Monday, July 21, 2014

What Type of Bee Are You?

You Are a Drone Bee


It may sound like you're the type that just follows the herd, but you are actually the type most likely to be a free spirit. You are adventurous and likely to wander. You tend to have a very different personality from those around you.

You are more of a searcher than most people. It hasn't been easy to figure out your purpose in life, but you're getting there. You have never been one for a desk job; you would rather get out there and explore. And you have friends who are just as antsy as you are. 



  1. I'm a Worker Bee:

    You don't mind a hard day's work. In fact, you take a lot of pride in the job you get done.
    You like being part of a team, and you naturally figure out your role when working with others.

    You are a finisher. You can't stand to see something left undone or uncared for.
    You love to stay busily productive, especially if you can work with your hands. But you are not one to work mindlessly - you are very creative.

    1. Always nice to see another representative of the hive, Kathy! :-)

  2. Me, too. Are the K(C)athy's all lined up again as worker bees? I'd say this is partially true, partially not true.

    1. Nope. The Kathys are workers. This Cathy is a drone. Truth be told, I think I'm half drone, half worker.


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