Monday, June 09, 2014

Where Should You Study Abroad?

You Should Study in Paris


When it comes to learning, you are a bit of a classicist. You think history has a lot to offer. And you're interested in the history of everything - art, literature, politics, and philosophy to start!

You are a person who studies for fun, and you love to be next to a big pile of old books. But you aren't all work and no play. You always have time for a cozy cafĂ© break and some people watching. 



  1. I should study in Berlin:

    You're not too keen on classroom learning. You'll do it if you have to, but you really like to be where the action is.
    You believe that the world is dynamic and vibrant. You think studying change is just as important as studying history.

    You prefer to be in a city where a lot has happened... and is continuing to happen. You want to be in the middle of it all.
    You never know where your next great idea or insight will come from. But you're always sure to go out and look for it!

    1. Between the two of us, we'd be seeing a bit of the world, wouldn't we?

  2. I came out as one to study in Berlin, but I am much more a Paris-type student as it's described here. Or actually I'm a combination of both descriptions, so a dual-city education is in the offing -- if I developed this fantasy into reality -- Right!

    1. I've got a few of those fantasies, too, Kathy!


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