Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bento Box Test

You Are Quirkily Cute


You enjoy doing your own thing in life, and you don't worry too much about how you come across to others. You've got your own groove going on, and it's downright adorable. People truly envy your unselfconsciousness.

You love what you love, even if very few other people do. For you, there is no 'guilt' in a guilty pleasure. You have never worried about being popular... just about being yourself. And you've always found people who like you for you. 

The Bento Box Test

The truest part of this for me is "there is no guilt in a guilty pleasure." I've never ever been described as "cute" or "adorable"! 


  1. The system tagged me the same way. I've not been described as cute or adorable, but this description at least is partially accurate. I do my own thing, regardless of what others think, have no guilty pleasures (Is reading mysteries this?) and I don't worry about being popular.

    1. We seem to have a few similarities, don't we? :-)


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