Friday, May 02, 2014

A Windy Weekly Link Round-Up

Something tells me that other folks in the US are getting some interesting weather because there's been some mighty strong winds blowing through Phoenix. Hopefully you are all safe and warm and ready to check out the links I've been saving up for you!

Books, Movies & Other Tidbits
  • An infographic on reading around the world.
  • Cambridge University Press is publishing an unexpurgated version of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories.
  • I just found out that I wasn't losing my mind the last time I was in a bookstore: a history of publishing's new favorite gimmick in 100 objects.
  • A Canadian library patron tried to ban Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop. (As a former librarian and lifelong voracious reader, I would love to be able to ensure that these people actually read the bloomin' books they're trying to ban!!!)
  • Facebook will let you be anonymous... just not on Facebook. (Speaking of Facebook-- if you use it-- any time a person who's already on your friend's list sends you another friend request, message him or her to see what's going on. Most of the time you will discover that it's some lowlife who's trying to clone a Facebook page. Why, I don't know. Sheesh!)
  • Newspapers are dead... everywhere except the British Library.
  • Warner Brothers has been sued by Tess Gerritsen over the lack of credit on the film Gravity.
  • Ever felt guilty about not wanting to be a cheerleader for all the blogging events that take place? You're not alone.
  • A list of favorite Welsh actors, complete with scene clips.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird will be published as an eBook.
  • I had fun looking at everyone's bookshelves on this You Are What You Read infographic.
  • The impact of eBooks on the fight against censorship.
  • European libraries are floundering in the digital age.
  • On their death bed, physical books have finally become sexy. (Personally, I think that "death bed" is a bit premature!)
  • Something I had to do quite a bit in school... the lost art of memorizing poetry.
  • If I were a re-reader, I'd be joining in the Chief Inspector Gamache Re-Read.
  • Someone has built a faux card catalog bookcase
  • What character from American literature are you?

Mother Nature & Planet Earth

Channeling my Inner Indiana Jones
  • "Mummy Lake" was used for ancient rituals, not water storage.
  • How this World War I battle changed the way we think about war.
  • An early depiction of Jesus may have been discovered in an ancient Egyptian structure.
  • An ancient caribou hunting site has been found beneath Lake Huron.
  • A man's roadside "pit stop" uncovers an an ancient Chinese artifact.
  • Dozens of mummies have been unearthed in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.
  • Sunken gold that's been untouched for 157 years off the coast of South Carolina lures this treasure hunter.
  • River flooding may have had a lot to do with the abandonment of Cahokia, which is a fascinating place to visit.

I   ♥  Lists

Whew! Good thing I didn't have much to say at the beginning because this certainly was a boatload of links! I hope I've included one or two that tickled your fancy. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure. Have a great weekend!



    1. I don't always comment, but I always love your round-up!

    2. Cathy - Thanks for these links. So happy To Kill a Mockingbird is going digital! And I have to learn about birds and divorces. Fascinating! Anyway, we've had some very windy weather here, too. It's calmer today but a few days ago? Not so much.

      1. Yes, a few days ago, I felt as though I had to tie my hair down before I stuck my nose out the door!


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