Monday, January 27, 2014

What Kind of Housework Are You?

You Are Washing Windows


You have a big imagination, and you're the type who lets your mind wander while you work. Washing windows is the perfect chore for you because you can daydream about the world as you clean.

You don't mind doing cleaning of any sort, as long as you are able to do it on your own time frame. You truly appreciate alone time to think, remember, and reflect. Your sensitive side comes out when you're alone. 



  1. I don't like housework so don't think I'm any of it but that survey says I'm vacuuming:

    You probably don't enjoy cleaning as much as the result. You are bugged by a messy home.
    Unlike some people, you aren't a clean freak. You have a short routine to freshen up your home, and that includes vacuuming.

    You are the type of person who can be depended on, and you don't put off tasks. You hate procrastinating.
    You may not enjoy the idea vacuuming, but you love the feeling of being productive. And once you get started, you do have fun!

    1. My real answer should've been "You're sitting in the pool with a book and ignoring it all."


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