Friday, January 17, 2014

The Meow Meow Meow Meow Weekly Link Round-Up

Nothing much going on here at Casa Kittling, except for going to see a couple of films ("Saving Mr. Banks" and "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"). Also, it would seem that the neighborhood feral cats have decided to hang out on the roof above our bedroom. A little meowing, yowling, and caterwauling goes a long way with me, and this feline troupe has been doing more than a little of that. Trouble is, I'm not going to haul out the ladder and climb up on the roof at 3 A.M.! Every time we have problems with these cats, I want to find out where the owners of the original female cat moved to so I can go there and kick some butt.

Oh oh. Sounds like I need to find my happy place and look for those links!

Bookish News & Other Interesting Tidbits

I  ♥  Lists & Quizzes

Book (& Old House) Candy
  • One of my favorite (and most popular) boards on Pinterest is titled "These Old Houses." If old houses are your thing, too, take a look at these antique houses and interiors posted on Flickr.
  • 11 bookcases for people who love their books. Most I've seen before, but I really liked the understair shelves!
  • Bookworms' paradise: a wooden staircase encompassed by walls of books.

You know... I haven't heard a single cat since I complained at the beginning of this post. Definitely food for thought! In the mean time, that's all she wrote for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. I wish I could afford Jamaica Inn!

  2. Cathy - We have a raccoon family in the area that sometimes sets up a fuss. But not nearly as badly as your cat choir. I don't envy you. And thanks for those links. I just have to check out what those Siberian archaeologists have found!

    1. That link really piqued my interest, too, Margot. As for the cats, they may be psychically linked to me because they seem to have moved on! LOL *crossing fingers*


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