Monday, December 30, 2013

Would You Survive an Apocalypse?

You Would Survive an Apocalypse


Congratulations! You are one of the few who always has a plan B. And a plan C.
You like to be well prepared in every aspect of your life. You are very responsible and conscientious.

Zombies? Floods? Civilization collapse? Famine? Killer clowns from outer space? No sweat for you. People may make fun of how prepared you are, but you know they'll be knocking on your door first when things go down. 

Could You Survive an Apocalypse?

[I knew all those sci-fi flicks from the '50s would come in handy!]


  1. I wouldn't survive:

    Like 99% of people, you're so not prepared for an end of the world scenario.
    Guess that's why they call it 'the end of the world'! You'll take your chances on that not happening.

    While you may not need to be set for crazy times, you may want a burrito or two in your freezer for a rainy day.
    And look on the bright side. If the zombie apocalypse really happens, maybe you'll get to be a zombie!

    1. I have a feeling that this quiz is one of those whose "Do" or "Don't" hinges on the answer to one key question. I bet if we could compare our answers, we'd see what the lynchpin is!


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