Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Rain Weekly Link Round-Up

Phoenix received a bit of rain last night. Christmas lights were shimmering in puddles on driveways and out in the street. Even more, wavery, reflections were seen when looking out through rain-slicked windows at the neighbors' decorations. It made me think of years past in a colder clime when I would look out the windows to watch it snow. Do I miss snow? Not at all. I prefer to drive a short distance up in the mountains to visit it and then return to my snow-free home. Christmas lights strung on cacti and palm trees with care look perfectly normal to me.

There's also something about this time of year that makes me take stock of the year past, and to look forward to things yet to come. This is usually the only time this happens because I tend to be the type of person who lives very much in the moment.

Today when I look back upon our frozen trip to the UK last March and April, the memory of drifting snow and bitter winds blend perfectly into December and my festive home. However, it might be a good idea to stop daydreaming at the keyboard and look for these links you stopped by to see!

Bookish News & Other Interesting Stuff
  • If you have the occasional grumble about preparing the holiday feast, be glad you weren't the cook back in 1660. Here's 39 dishes from the first Christmas menu
  • Last week I shared a link to book-related charities, and that inspired one of my readers to send me links to two more: Book Aid International and Books for Soldiers. Thanks so much, Kerstin!
  • This article made my jaw hit the floor: in the heart of Naples, Italy, inside a 16th century church, is the Biblioteca Girolamini-- a library that has been systematically looted of its priceless books and manuscripts. The way the looting was done-- and by whom-- beggars belief.
  • French bureaucrats made the news when they sent a letter to Napoleon Bonaparte. I love what someone wrote on the envelope!
  • I know that Facebook can be a time suck, but one particular woman may have sucked in a little water when she was checking her news feed.
  • I suppose I should've expected someone to cash in on the Stieg Larsson phenomenon.
  • How Beatrix Potter self-published Peter Rabbit.
  • Book Riot wants to know what our reading logs look like. I have two, one written and one computer spreadsheet.
  • Elsewhere in Book Riot, I found the confessions of a failed book fanatic.
  • Have you seen this great mash-up Wholock, where Sherlock Holmes meets Dr. Who?
  • Why bloggers should learn code, and five places to learn how.

Book Candy

I  ♥  Lists

That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - We've had some rain here too. I always like that, as we can use the ground water. Thanks for those links. As far as the Stieg Larsson novel goes? No. That's my response to it anyway. Is that closed-minded? I hope not, but still - no.

    1. Your response is the same as mine, Margot. A plain and simple NO.

  2. I love the book nooks, all.


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