Monday, November 18, 2013

What Domain Suffix Are You?

You Are Dot Net


You love the internet, but you can't help but miss how it used to be. You're old school that way. You go online as much as the next person, but you feel like the internet's best days are sort of behind it.

You miss a more free spirited, independent online experience. You like an internet full of personal expression.
You don't really like cookie cutter websites where everyone is a cog in the machine. You prefer to break out and do your own thing.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to have your own website, blog, or even domain name. You like to create.
You couldn't imagine using the internet without leaving a bit of your own mark. You like to share a part of yourself with the world. 


  1. I'm This is about 3/4 true, not all. I'll live with it.

    1. Doesn't do much good to get upset over a quiz, does it? I think I'd be shocked badly enough to fall out of my chair if one of these quizzes ever described me perfectly. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Wow-- we got different answers. That doesn't happen very often! LOL

  3. I'm dot edu

    You love the internet as much as most people, but you mostly love it because of the things you learn.
    You love to look up every passing idea or question as soon as it enters your mind. You are very curious.

    You're the type of person to learn a whole new subject online - whether it's a foreign language or a crafty skill.
    You would thrive in an online learning environment, but it's not necessary for you. You are good at teaching yourself.

    People are often surprised by how much you know, but you're also surprised by how little they must look up.
    The internet is like the world's greatest encyclopedia, and you love that you don't have to pull it down off the shelf.

  4. I'm dot edu much more than dot org. I want a rematch!

    I love to look up everything on the Internet, things in the news, books, authors, items I see on the news, cute puppy and kitten photos, anything I hear about and don't know about. It's constant. And I am good about teaching myself and writing from what I've learned.

    So I'm a hybrid.


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